Misha Tsiganov

Playing with the Wind

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Label: Criss Cross
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Release date: 05 October 2018
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€ 19.95
Criss Cross
Catalogue number
CRISS 1401
Release date
05 October 2018

About the album

For his third Criss Cross album, pianist Misha Tsiganov presents a nine-tune program of four original compositions and kaleidoscopic arrangements of two Wayne Shorter classics, two Great American Songbook standards, and a Russian folk song.

As on Artistry of the Standard (Criss 1367) and Spring Feelings (Criss 1384), the St. Petersburg native---a U.S resident since 1993---teams with trumpeter Alex Sipiagin and tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, both leaders of multiple Criss Cross dates and internationally renowned practitioners of their respective instruments.

JoiningTsiganov for the first time on Playing with the Wind are bassist Matt Brewer (Mythology , Criss 1373, and Unspoken, Criss 1390) and drummer Dan Weiss, who apply their virtuosic chops to Tsiganov's elegant charts with an open, poetic attitude.


On Playing With The Wind, Tsiganov again presents four personalized standards, four originals and a Russian folk song for Sipiagin, Blake and himself to dig into, along with bassist Matt Brewer and drummer Dan Weiss, virtuosos well-established as New York first-calls when the requirement is to execute and interpret challenging music of any stripe.

That job description applies to the repertoire contained herein—as Tsiganov remarks, the tunes, performed for the first time on this session, are “much more advanced and much more difficult than before,” particularly in the realm of metric modulation. Yet, all members play with extreme fluidity, invention and cogency, fully in control of the raw materials and cognizant of the leader’s intentions.



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