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Label: TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
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Release date: 06 March 2020
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€ 19.95
TCB The Montreux Jazz Label
Catalogue number
TCB 01332
Release date
06 March 2020

""Neptus" is an album that, due to its lightness and freshness, makes a pleasant and pleasant impression."

Jazzenzo, 13-8-2020

About the album

A clever mix of inspiration, discovery and lightness, wrapped in a frenzied dynamic, reflects the originality of the trio of confirmed artists. Swiss bassist Cédric Gysler, pianist Evaristo Pérez and drummer Raphael Nick meet around contemporary improvisations inspired by the musicality of EST, Brad Mehldau and Enrico Pieranunzi.

These three jazz cats happily seize new ideas and deliver to the audience their love of delicate and rhythmic sounds. Cédric Gysler, from Lausanne, surfs with finesse between his heterogeneous inspirations based on his great knowledge of jazz. Charmed and conquered, his audience finds him in mixed performances sometimes of gypsy or contemporary jazz, sometimes of electro experimentation. He enriches the trio with a sweet mix of safety and spontaneity.

Of Catalan origin and established in Geneva, Evaristo Pérez transmits, to the sound of his intense and nuanced melodies, his passion and delicately opens the doors of his dreamlike world. Inspired, authentic, sensitive and sparkling, he takes us on a journey made of a thousand colours, each time reinvented.

Raphael Nick, drummer from Lucerne, enriches the trio with his varied experiences, where Latin jazz rubs shoulders with acoustic rock-metal in a safe and impromptu way. His stability and complexity combine happily with the unpredictable paths the trio takes.
Die drei Jazzer greifen neue Ideen auf und vermitteln dem Publikum ihre Liebe zu subtilen und rhythmischen Klängen. Eine geschickte Mischung aus Inspiration, Entdeckung und Leichtigkeit, eingebettet in eine rasende Dynamik, spiegelt die Originalität des Trios engagierter Künstler wider. Cédric Gysler, Evaristo Pérez, Raphael Nick treffen in zeitgenössischen Improvisationen auf einander.
Cédric Gysler wechselt mit Finesse zwischen seinen heterogenen Inspirationen, basierend auf seinen großen Kenntnissen des Jazz. Er bereichert das Trio mit einer gelungenen Mischung aus Souveränität und Spontaneität!
Evaristo Pérez vermittelt im Klang seiner intensiven und nuancenreichen Melodien seine Leidenschaft und öffnet auf dezente Weise die Türen zu seiner Traumwelt.
Raphael Nick bereichert das Trio mit seinen vielfältigen Erfahrungen. Seine Beständigkeit und Komplexität verbinden sich glücklich mit den unvorhersehbaren Wegen, die das Trio beschreitet!


Cédric Gysler
Cédric Gysler, from Lausanne, sails subtly through his varied inspirations based on his wide knowledge of jazz music. Charmed & convinced, his public can hear him in manouche, contemporary music and in electronic explorations. He broadens the trio by a soft mix of certainty and spontaneity.

Evaristo Pérez
Originally from Catalonia and based in Geneva, Evaristo Pérez transmits his passion with intense and nuanced melodies, and opens us delicately the doors to his dream-like world. Inspired, authentic, sensitive and sparkling, he takes us on a thousand-coulour journey,
re-invented each time.

Raphael Nick
Raphael Nick is a Swiss drummer, percussionist, pedagogue and composer from Lucerne who enjoys exploring multiple forms of artistic expressions in order to confront new horizons. His sense of balance between sensibility and solidity mesh with his visible pleasure of creating music.


"Neptus" is an album that, due to its lightness and freshness, makes a pleasant and pleasant impression.
Jazzenzo, 13-8-2020

... A clever mixture of inspiration, joy of discovery and playful lightness, which reflects the originality of the trio...
Radio Dreyeckland, 19-7-2020

“Neptus” starts with a kind of walking bass on the piano after which the rest comes in, the melody is tricky because there is an 11-moderate schedule that keeps coming back, very beautiful.
Rootstime, 06-4-2020

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