Jimmy Greene

While Looking Up

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Release date: 03 April 2020
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€ 19.95
Mack Avenue
Catalogue number
MAC 1154
Release date
03 April 2020

"Another great album by Jimmy Greene!"

Rootstime, 26-6-2020

About the album

On While Looking Up, Jimmy Greene finds solace, support and inspiration from multiple directions, but in particular from casting his gaze heavenward. Looking inward, he’s comforted by his faith and by the gift for moving, expressive composition that has marked his work for the last two decades. Looking outward, he has his family and his brilliant collaborators, culled for this project from a list of longtime favorites who haven’t entered the studio together in at least a decade. And while looking up, he recalls the joyful spirit of his daughter, Ana Márquez-Greene, who tragically lost her life in 2012, along with 25 other students and educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

“The whole idea of While Looking Up is indicative of the times we’re in now,” Greene said. “I can think about my personal journey through our family’s tragedy, and I can also look outside of myself and see the state we’re in, constantly bombarded with the chaos that’s become normalized in our society and our country. In both instances, it’s easy to walk away feeling disillusioned and, in many ways, hopeless. But I’m always reminded to look upward.”


As on his acclaimed Mack Avenue debut, Beautiful Life, a poignant, reflective recording that honored his daughter’s love of singing with a program combining jazz, spirituals, contemporary Christian music and ballads, Greene again fulfills his stated imperative of “reflecting the way that Ana lived.” Here, Greene hones in on Ana’s love of dance with a kinetic, groove-filled program comprising ten original compositions—including two Greene-penned lyrics—and his arrangement of the “new standard,” “Something About You.”



Another great album by Jimmy Greene!
Rootstime, 26-6-2020

Jimmy Greene continues his work of resilience by offering us a moment of music imbued with lyricism and great musicality.
Jazzhalo, 13-4-2020

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