Maik Krahl Quartet


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Release date: 29 May 2020
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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73499
Release date
29 May 2020

"... is a sound carpet of subtle harmonic changes, unobtrusive elegance and precise lines. In short: a jazzy listening experience of a special kind.  "

Inmusic, 01-8-2020

About the album

"For his new album, Maik has put together a variety of moods and grooves. Technical extravaganza pairs with musical instinct and cunning. His partners Constantin Krahmer (p/rhod), Oliver Lutz (db), and Leif Berger (dr) offer relentless support and make for an exciting listening experience. Seamus Blake adds his own particular vibe and eloquence to some of the tunes. Maik's immaculate trumpet playing thrives on influences of the great heroes of the instrument, today's and yesterday's. His compositions switch from intricate to thoughtful revealing an intellectual musical mind. My compliments for a strong jazz album."

Olivier Peters (WDR Big Band)
„Für sein neues Album hat Maik verschiedenste Stimmungen und Grooves zusammengestellt. Technische Extravaganz verbindet sich mit musikalischem Instinkt und Raffinesse. Seine Partner Constantin Kramer (Piano/Rhodes), Oliver Lutz (Kontrabass) und Leif Berger (Drums) bieten unermüdlich Unterstützung und ein aufregendes Hörerlebnis. Seamus Blake gibt einigen der Tunes seine ganz eigenen Vibes und seine Eloquenz bei. Maiks makelloses Trompetenspiel lebt von Einflüssen der Trompetengrößen von gestern und heute. Seine Kompositionen wechseln von intrikat zu bedächtig und lassen einen intellektuellen musikalischen Geist erkennen. Meinen Glückwunsch für ein starkes Jazzalbum.“

Oliver Peters (WDR Big Band)


Born in 1991 in Bautzen, Maik Krahl started playing the trumpet at an early age of being just eight years old. After studying Jazz at the Carl Maria von Weber Hochschule in Dresden he started a Master of Music Jazz Improvising Artist at the Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen. His most influencing teachers were Till Brönner, Malte Burba and the American Jazz trumpet player Ryan Carniaux.
His first album Decidophobia with Bruno Müller, Constantin Krahmer, Oliver Lutz and Hendrik Smock is released 2018 with Double Moon/Challenge Records.

Besides playing with his own band, you can hear Krahl regularly with the quintet Unit 5, which won the Jazzstipendium jazz@undesigned in 2018. Furthermore, he is a steady part of the Subway Jazz Orchestra in Cologne. With this big band he recorded three albums—Primal Scream (2015), State of Mind (2016), and Richbeck Suite (2018)—so far.

Concerts brought him to Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Canada, Croatia, Lithuania, Austria, Senegal, and the US. Traveling the world allowed him to work with musicians like John Clayton, Kurt Elling, Herb Geller, Benny Green, Jeff Hamilton, Ingrid Jensen, John Ruocco, and Jiggs Whigham.

Besides working as an artist, Maik Krahl teaches trumpet at the Offene Jazz Haus Schule in Cologne.



... is a sound carpet of subtle harmonic changes, unobtrusive elegance and precise lines. In short: a jazzy listening experience of a special kind.  
Inmusic, 01-8-2020

Romantic trumpet sighs over voluptuous cadenzas open an album that is characterized by a varied sound and original interplay...  
Concerto, 01-8-2020

Davis' music is not a shadow that hangs over the album, but rather an inexhaustible source of inspiration: the start of a promising career.
Jazzenzo, 30-7-2020

... There's one permanently in the fast lane, permanent indicators on the left and well-groomed full throttle. Just under a year after Maik Krahl caused a sensation with his "Jazz thing Next Generation" debut "Decidophobia", the lively trumpet player switches to the next gear. This is called "Fraction" (Challenge/in-acoustics) and starts exactly where the predecessor went into creative idle after the last note...  
Jazzthing, 06-7-2020

... Creating contrasts is something the late twenties from Bautzen manage to do excellently anyway in a contemporary programme completely from their own pen...
Medienhaus Bauer 6 Newspaper area NRW, 06-7-2020

...In a way, the Cologne trumpeter could be counted among the young and wild, among the exciting new plants from the haze of the Federal Jazz Orchestra... At the same time, the 29-year-old, whom Till Brönner described as the "current top of the German jazz trumpeters of his generation", has long since tapped into more than just a fraction of his potential, as his current album Fraction impressively demonstrates... It's worth listening.
Jazzthetik, 06-7-2020

... His musical partners, the pianist Constantin Krahmer, the bassist Oliver Lutz and the drummer Leif Berger support the trumpeter in the best possible way and thus ensure an exciting listening experience. The guest soloist on two tracks, the tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, gives Maik Krahl's compositions his very own and very special mood...  
Radio Dreyeckland Freiburg, 28-6-2020

...technical ability combines with musical instinct and playful ideas...
france musique, 25-6-2020

Compositions such as Tangent to Tango and Longtime Beauty are Maik Krahl‘s showpieces in which we hear an enthusiastic trumpet player who carefully chooses his notes, places them beautifully and thereby shines in craftsmanship.
Music Frames, 15-6-2020

... All songs are original compositions, and here too, they are brimming with spontaneous ideas, with freshness and light-heartedness, enriched with strong emotional expression, and this is the result of the excellent cooperation of all musicians...
Musik An Sich, 12-6-2020

Strong musical album by a gifted trumpet player.
Jazzism, 12-6-2020

... A player to keep an ear on and also enjoy right now.
Miswest Record, 05-6-2020

...whereby we are dealing here with compositions that are actually very different from each other, while they remain connected to each other through the solid personality of the musicians.
JAZZit, 02-6-2020

"Longtime Beauty" is the atmospheric conclusion of this very successful album, with very few exceptions.
Rootstime, 01-6-2020

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