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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73519
Release date
06 November 2020

"The Dutch jazz drummer and multi-instrumentalist JOOST LIJBAART releases with "Free" a stylistically open and spiritual percussion post-jazz album, which invites the listener to an exciting and partly meditative sound journey..."

Inmusic, 23-4-2021

About the album

"Free is an album I’ve wanted to make all my life. I didn’t know how, I was too busy and I was also a bit afraid of it.

And then there was a time when the world seemed to come to a standstill. A time of reflection and contemplation. It gave me the energy to embark on an inner dialogue, spiritually and musically.

Free became an inward journey. And on the way I found desolation and fear but also power, joy, passion and infinity. Free is all about unity, about becoming ‘one’, but also about space and time. About what lies deep within and sometimes long concealed. "
Joost Lijbaart

"Free ist das Album, das ich mein ganzes Leben lang machen wollte. Ich wusste nicht wie, ich war zu beschäftigt und hatte auch ein gewisses Maß an Angst davor.
Und dann gab es eine Zeit, in der die Welt zum Stillstand zu kommen schien. Eine Zeit des Nachdenkens und der Kontemplation. Das gab mir die Energie, mich auf einen inneren Dialog einzulassen, spirituell und musikalisch.
Aus der Freiheit wurde eine Reise nach innen. Und auf dem Weg fand ich Verlorenheit und Furcht, aber auch Kraft, Freude, Leidenschaft und Grenzenlosigkeit.
Bei Free geht es um Einheit, darum, "eins" zu werden, aber auch um Raum und Zeit. Es geht um das, was tief im Inneren liegt und manchmal lange verborgen war. "
Jost Lijbaart
Joost Lijbaart (1967) begann im Alter von 7 Jahren Schlagzeug zu spielen und folgte damit seinem Vater Piet Lijbaart (Amsterdam 1933-1970). Er schloss 1991 sein Studium am Konservatorium von Hilversum mit Auszeichnung ab, wo er Unterricht bei Cees Kranenburg, Marcel Serierse Ali Un D'Aye Rose und Victor Oskam erhielt. Mit dem Yuri Honing Trio spielte er 1996 das Album 'Star Tracks' ein. In der 20-jährigen Geschichte des Trios veröffentlichte die Gruppe 5 CDs und trat auf zahlreichen Tourneen in mehr als 90 Ländern auf. Es gab musikalische Zusammenarbeit mit Musikern aus dem Nahen Osten, Indien und China.
Neben der Arbeit als Sideman konzentrierte sich Lijbaart auch auf seine eigenen Projekte, wie sein eigenes Quartett 'Group of Friends', sein Duo mit dem Pianisten Wolfert Brederode, die Gruppe Batik und sein kürzlich gegründetes Improvisationstrio mit der Sängerin Sanne Rambags und dem Gitarristen Bram Stadhouders. Er erhielt 2003 als Schlagzeuger den von Elvin Jones verliehenen Solistenpreis beim North Sea Jazz Festival.


Joost Lijbaart (Amsterdam 1967) started playing drums at the age of 7, following his father Piet Lijbaart (Amsterdam 1933-1970).

He graduated in 1991 with honors from the Hilversum Conservatory where he followed classes with Cees Kranenburg, Marcel Serierse Ali Un D’Aye Rose and Victor Oskam.

With the Yuri Honing Trio in 1996, he made the album ‘Star Tracks’ from (a modern adaptation of European pop classics).

In the 20 year history of the trio the group released 5 CDs and performed on numerous tours in more than 90 countries. There were musical collaborations with musicians from the Middle East, India and China.

Besides working as a sideman Lijbaart focused also on his own projects, such as his own quartet ‘Group of Friends’, his duo with pianist Wolfert Brederode, the group Batik and his recently formed improvisation trio with vocalist Sanne Rambags and guitar player Bram Stadhouders.

At the North Sea Jazz Festival he received in 2003 as a drummer the soloist prize at the Dutch jazz competition given by Elvin Jones.

Joost played over the years regularly classical percussion music of Iannis Xenakis, John Cage and Steve Reich and worked on several projects together with Theo Loevendie and Louis Andriessen. He performed as a soloist with the New Ensemble at the Muziekgebouw in 2016.

He was collaborating with artists from other disciplines such as dancer / choreographer Anouk van Dijk, dancer / choreographer Lonneke of Leth and writer PF Thomese.

Joost Lijbaart is a player with many different interests. He has years of experience in the history of jazz from the 50s and 60s, played a lot of pop and rock and studied musical traditions of West Africa, Northern India and the Middle East.

As an experienced teacher Joost Lijbaart gives regular guest lectures and classes at conservatories around the world.
Since 2016 he is also teaching entrepreneurship at the Conservatory in Amsterdam and the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen.

Joost Lijbaart toured in more than 90 countries around the world and performed at many major jazz festivals.



The Dutch jazz drummer and multi-instrumentalist JOOST LIJBAART releases with "Free" a stylistically open and spiritual percussion post-jazz album, which invites the listener to an exciting and partly meditative sound journey...
Inmusic, 23-4-2021

... Lijbaart... knows how to build up his suspense arcs in such a way that each beat acquires the quality of a letter for a serial novel....
Jazzthing, 25-1-2021

Each track on this album evokes its own atmosphere that everyone will interpret differently. Lijbaart's musical inner journey has therefore resulted in a special album.
Written in music, 10-12-2020

... Finally, Lijbaart succeeded in using his various instruments like brushes, which, from a colorful palette of different colors, with the help of various painting techniques, have created a picture of vivid expression. And so Free has not become a typical solo record of a jazz drummer, but can rather compete with productions by Stephan Micus. In any case, I listen to music for inner reflection, meditative silence envelops me.... 19 to 20 points high flyers  
Musik an sich, 06-12-2020

Free in an infinite sound universe. During the lockdown Joost Lijbaart finally found peace to make the solo album Free.
Jazzism, 04-12-2020

The power of Free lies in the wide instrumentation: from gongs, cymbals and Japanese drums to harmonium, vibraphone, glockenspiel and balafon. We look straight into the soul of Lijbaart.
Jazzism, 04-12-2020

A very nice spiritual album.
Mania, 04-12-2020

Free - The rhythmic silence of drums - a conversation with Joost Lijbaart. An experienced internationally playing drummer from the Netherlands informs about his new album.
Jazz-Fun, 19-11-2020

We feel desolation, fear, we are in the dark of space and in the vortex of time, but we are together, it is powerful and it generates joy.
Mad Jazz, 10-11-2020

This quiet music contains much silence. It lives from the tension between the high bright frequencies of the clanging cymbals and the sparse low frequencies of the drums...
Jazz-Fun, 06-11-2020

.. Alone on drums and various percussion instruments plus flute and harmonium he creates his world of sounds...
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