Rich Pellegrin

Solitude: Solo Improvisations

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Release date: 10 September 2021
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€ 19.95
OA2 Records
Catalogue number
OA2 22189
Release date
10 September 2021

About the album

Having released three powerful, boundary-crossing quintet records over the past decade, Rich Pellegrin turns to a small historic church, a piano, and an abundance of open time for Solitude, a set of contemplative improvisations. Recorded at Whidbey Island's charming Langley Methodist Church, near Seattle, Pellegrin captures the spirit of place in these times, exploring the wide-open spaces of the mind and reconnecting with water, mountains and forest. The piano itself, also a relic with its own idiosyncracies and character, is another personality in the performance as its creaks and exhortations suggested paths for the performance to wander. An accomplished musical mind with sweeping, far-reaching intentions offers, with Solitude, the freedom to just "be."
Nachdem er in den letzten zehn Jahren drei kraftvolle, grenzüberschreitende Quintett-Alben veröffentlicht hat, nutzt Rich Pellegrin für Solitude, eine Reihe kontemplativer Improvisationen, eine kleine historische Kirche, ein Klavier und eine Fülle an freier Zeit. Aufgenommen in der charmanten Langley Methodist Church auf Whidbey Island, in der Nähe von Seattle, fängt Pellegrin den Geist des Ortes in diesen Zeiten ein, erkundet die weiten Räume des Geistes und verbindet sich wieder mit Wasser, Bergen und Wald. Das Klavier selbst, auch ein Relikt mit seinen Eigenarten und seinem Charakter, ist eine weitere Persönlichkeit in der Aufführung, da sein Knarzen und seine Töne Wege vorschlagen, auf denen die Aufführung wandern kann. Ein vollendeter musikalischer Geist mit weitreichenden Absichten bietet mit Solitude die Freiheit, einfach "zu sein".


Rich Pellegrin began playing piano at the age of five, but spent his teenage years preoccupied with drums and percussion. He pursued a diversity of musical endeavors before discovering the beautiful creative process of jazz and improvised music. His playing is noted for its intensity, conviction, directness of expression, and percussive yet sonorous tone quality.

Pellegrin's debut record, Three-Part Odyssey, was released on OA2 Records in 2011, and featured some of the most exciting and forward-looking musicians of Seattle's younger generation. His second record, Episodes IV-VI, has been called "strikingly original" by Earshot Jazz Magazine, "first class" by Midwest Record, and "a masterwork" by KUCI 88.9 FM (Irvine, CA). Both albums have received significant national and international airplay. His third record, Down, was released in February of 2019.

Having taught previously at the University of Washington and the University of Missouri, Pellegrin is currently on the faculty of the University of Florida. In 2014, Pellegrin produced the Mizzou Improvisation Project, an interdisciplinary festival bringing together a wide range of scholars, performers, educators, improvisers, and composers. The festival included a collaborative recording session with Pellegrin’s Seattle-based band and the Mizzou New Music Ensemble, material from which was released on his album, Down.

Dr. Pellegrin holds degrees from Oberlin College, Kent State University, and the University of Washington, and has also worked extensively as a church organist and choirmaster.



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