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Christy Doran / Stefan Banz


  • Type CD
  • Label Between The Lines
  • UPC 0608917125122
  • Catalog number BTLCHR 71251
  • Release date 26 November 2021

About the album

Aerosols are dynamic suspended particles in the nanoscale whose physical and chemical properties are capable of affecting their environment optically, atmospherically and constitutionally. Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, which is weighing heavily on us, these extremely creative properties have not only positive connotations at the moment. But what would our lives be like without any form of inspiration and influence? For Christy Doran and Stefan Banz, aerosols are an excellent metaphor for their intermedia collaboration between music and painting, in which they have explicitly sought to inspire and influence each other. Thus Banz has responded to five pieces of music composed for solo guitar and electronic devices by Doran with five new paintings in acrylic on cotton, and Doran in turn has responded to five paintings in acrylic on cotton by Banz with five new compositions for solo guitar and electronic devices. This publication contains the complete outcome of this fruitful collaboration, with additional texts by Stefan Banz and a link to a digital video animation of the total of ten music compositions and paintings.


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