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Sergei Istomin | Viviana Sofonitsky

Sonatas for viola da gamba, BWV 1027-1029

  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Classics
  • UPC 0608917290929
  • Catalog number CC 72909
  • Release date 06 May 2022
Physical (CD)

€ 19.95
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About the album

Sergei Istomin and Viviana Sofronitsky made an accurate and unconventional choice of instruments for this recording of Bach’s Sonatas for Viola da gamba: a brilliant and resonant viol built by Jacob Stainer in 1655 and a Paul McNulty copy of a 1749 Silbermann fortepiano. The result is a unique, invigorating and captivating blend of tonal colours that conjure up a unique sound which emphasizes the melodic qualities of these famous works.

Expert musicians, Istomin and Sofronitsky focused their attention on the instruments to play. Sergej Istomin chose a viol built by Jacob Stainer in 1655, whose sound is especially brilliant and resonant. Sofronitzky very unusually decided to play these late pieces by Bach on a Silbermann fortepiano copy, built by Paul McNulty. A new instrument at that time, the fortepiano was approved and appreciated by Johann Sebastian Bach during his visit to Gottfried Silbermann in 1747. These two instruments’ blend of tones and colours conjure up for a unique, singing and invigorating account of well-known works.


Didiana Meerkov

May 24th 2022 07:44
Are these children of the two famous pianists? Can't wait to hear it on Spotify! By the way, you should offer free downloads of booklets for your recordings. I reckon it will sway many people from looking for free downloads since they already subscribe to streaming services for which you receive revenue.

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