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Cole Porter

Featured on

Love's Got Me in a Lazy Mood
Darden Purcell
A Tribute To The Clarke - Boland Big Band (vinyl)
Live in Japan
Cathy Segal-Garcia & Phillip Strange
Each Step
Nathan Borton
A Tribute To The Clarke - Boland Big Band
Something Good
Kelley Johnson
Various composers
Huijnen & Hopman
Various composers
September Songs
Thomas Allen
My One And Only Love - European Jazz Legends Vol. 15
Martial Solal
A New Episode In Life Pt. II
Jasper Somsen Trio
What is There to Say
Chiara Pancaldi
Washwishni (vinyl)
Rima Khcheich
Rima Khcheich
Cole Porter
The Cole Porter Songbook
Sarah Fox / James Burton
A Moment of Now
Viktoria Tolstoy & Jacob Karlzon
Various composers
NedSym Lite
Red, Hot & Blue
Fay Claassen
Various composers
You'd Be Surprised: Songs of Love and Laughter
Barbara Kennedy / Peter Lockwood