"Where words leave off, music begins." - Heinrich Heine

Mete Erker

Mete Erker is a saxophone player from Holland.He is renowned for his rich and warm sound, strong drive, and his very personal style and expressive way of playing: a combination of raw energy and lyricism, at times reminiscent of the great jazz tenors of the ’60′s.Throughout the years he’s worked with music masters like Peter Erskine, David Liebman, senegalese master drummer Doudou N’Diaye Rose, southafrican jazz legend Winston Mankunku, and russian piano virtuoso Simon Nabatov. He released 50+ albums and toured the world in a variety of settings, ranging from  a modern dance choreography by the hungarian Reka Szabo to popular dutch crossover acts like New Cool Collective and Zuco 103.
 Currently Mete Erker is working with the Artvark Saxophone Quartet featuring classical soprano Claron McFadden, dutch-impro-group Estafest, his jazztrio Blink, the NUjazzgroup FullDuppleXX, electronic soundwizard Michel Banabila, and off course:  the Ruff Sound Quartet.

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