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Bart Wirtz/Artvark Saxophone Quartet

Artvark Saxophone Quartet


  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Records
  • UPC 0608917329520
  • Catalog number CR 73295
  • Release date 04 January 2010
Physical (CD)

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About the album

Artvark Saxaphone Quartet
Rolf Delfos: Alto sax / Bart Wirtz: Alto sax / Mete Erker: Tenor sax /
Peter Broekhuizen: Baritone sax

Is not profound beauty most striking when this beauty has arisen from sincere and genuine emotions? When what is conceived in the minds of earthlings is being perceived as higher art by its audience? Do we want to ignore the rancidity of the artist or is his compulsive quest through fire and brimstone a profoundness in its own right? A heavenly result through earthly perseverance. Rooting through mud for that one exquisite truffle.

What is the power of Artvark? All four members combine their love for jazz with tremendous feel for groove & soul and all four have performed at the highest level: check the individual bios. ASQ plays original compositions and arrangements written by the members, which demonstrate the versatility and originality of Delfos, Wirtz, Erker and Broekhuizen. The quartet plays with great agility and move around the stage: all music is played by heart and some of it is quite complex, we can tell you! This gives an extra dimension to the music, since they can concentrate on the moment, the audience and on each other, which opens up new possibilities everytime they play.

A heavenly result through earthly perseverance. Rooting through mud for that one exquisite truffle. Artvark is a phantastic and passionate saxophone quartet and this is their second cd and debut on Challenge Records!

Challenge Artist @ NSJF 2009


image BART WIRTZinterviewed at the bol.com standRENSKE TAMINIAUinterviewed at the bol.com standItem on RTL4 news one of Hollands best watch newsprogramERIC VLOEIMANSinterviewed at the bol.com stand Eric Vloeimans article at Radio 6 site Listen to the Concert"Van de overige Nederlandse vaandeldragers scoorde trompettist Eric Vloeimans het meest uitbundig: in allerlei formaties dook de Rotterdamse 'veelvraat' op, steevast het publiek vol bewondering achterlatend. "AD 12-july-09 A. Slotboom / Louis de MoulinBLAZIN' QUARTETinterview ...


hoyt henry

February 19th 2010 19:15
could you not give recording date and location for this and other recordings you produce?

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