Pauline & Nienke Oostenrijk / Amsterdam Sinfonietta / Jaap ter Linden

Oboe passion - Arias & concertos by J.S. Bach & sons

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Release date: 27 September 2011
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€ 18.95
Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72506
Release date
27 September 2011

"The contrast between heavenly glare and hellish rawness is completely at the service of emotional truth"

De Telegraaf, 02-11-2013

About the album

A double-cd with in the leading roles two sisters: Pauline and Nienke Oostenrijk. Pauline plays on both cd's: one with Arias for Soprano and Oboe and one with Oboe Concertos. But there is another leading role except the ones of the soprano and the oboe: composer Johann Sebastian Bach! And last but not least also two of his most famous sons can be heard: Johann Christian and Carl Philipp Emanuel.

About the Arias, Pauline Oostenrijk writes in the linernotes: "from a Christian viewpoint – the cantatas were after all written for performance during church services – every conceivable human emotion is portrayed, translated into music. Exuberant joy, deep mourning, love, sadness. The texts of the arias on this CD bear witness to a profound religious devotion, but even if the texts themselves do not stir you, the masterful way they are set to music is stunning. The arias are without equal, not only in the range of moods and emotions they express, but also in the themes and motifs that Bach selects in giving musical form to words and ideas. The ultimate meeting of text and music. The ultimate meeting of the human voice and oboe, which sometimes seem to melt into each other.

Each time anew, it is a thrilling experience for us to be able to perform this music.
De zussen Pauline en Nienke Oostenrijk met aria's en concerten van Bach en zijn zonen
'Oboe passion', een optreden met twee zussen in de hoofdrol: Pauline en Nienke Oostenrijk. Zij spelen en zingen onder begeleiding van het strijkorkest Amsterdam Sinfonietta met dirigent en bekend cellist Jaap ter Linden, aria's en concerten van Johann Sebastian Bach. Op de opname staan niet alleen stukken van vader Bach, maar ook werken van zijn 2 bekendste zonen, Johann Christian en Carl Philipp Emanuel. De pers prees de zusjes Oostenrijk om hun stijlvastheid en virtuositeit. Deze uitvoering klinkt zoals Bach dat gewild zou hebben. 'Heerlijke muziek, samen met Amsterdam Sinfonietta prachtig uitgevoerd.' Beatrice Dees, Akkoord Magazine, februari 2012.

Pauline Oostenrijk studeerde aan het Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. Zij rondde daar haar studies hobo en piano af. Pauline is een internationaal geprezen hoboïste en solo-hoboïste van het Residentie Orkest in Den Haag. Ze won in 1999 de Muziekprijs van Nederland, de hoogste prijs voor klassieke musici in Nederland. Pauline maakt niet alleen muziek, maar is ook actief als schrijfster van columns en korte verhalen.

Sopraan Nienke Oostenrijk studeerde eerst geschiedenis, voordat zij startte met de zangopleiding aan het Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. In de jaren na haar zangstudie volgde ze vele masterclasses. Nienke verschijnt door heel Europa op het concertpodium. Naast haar status als operazangeres, is ze ook een veelgevraagd concertsoliste. Ze trad op met dirigenten als Jaap van Zweden en Jan Willem de Vriend. Het opera-repertoire van Nienke Oostenrijk omvat meerdere rollen uit het stemvak voor hoge sopraan.

Berühmte Arien & Konzerte für Sopran und Oboe

Eine attraktive Doppel-CD als Wiederveröffentlichung von zwei Einzel-CDs mit zwei Schwestern in der Hauptrolle: Die Oboistin Pauline und die Sopranistin Nienke Oostenrijk. CD1 enthält Arien für Sopran und Oboe & CD2 berühmte Oboe-Konzerten von J.S. Bach und seinen Söhnen.


In 1999, Pauline Oostenrijk received the Music Prize of the Netherlands, the highest State Award in classical music. Before that, she had already won a number of national and international prizes, among which the first prize in the Fernand Gillet oboe competition in Baltimore, resulting in a recital in Carnegie Hall, New York. In 1986 she was the Dutch 'Young Musician of the Year'.

Pauline Oostenrijk is solo-oboist of the Residentie Orchestra of The Hague.

She studied oboe (with Koen van Slogteren and Jan Spronk) and piano (with Willem Brons) at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and had lessons with Thomas Indermühle and Han de Vries.

Her activities as a soloist and chamber musician have been recorded on a considerable number of highly acclaimed cd’s. She appeared as a soloist with the Residentie Orchestra, the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Amsterdam Sinfonietta, the Westdeutsche Rundfunk Orchester in Cologne, the Salzburger Kammerorchester and l'Orchestre d'Auvergne. Various composers wrote pieces for her, a.o. Louis Andriessen ('To Pauline O' for oboe solo). Pauline performs often with her sister, the soprano Nienke Oostenrijk, in the Ensemble Oostenrijk-Jansen (baroque repertoire). She plays recitals with pianist Ivo Janssen, and is a member of the ensembles Nieuw Amsterdams Peil (modern chamber music) and Wind Chamber Collective.

For many years she was a teacher at the conservatories of Amsterdam and The Hague, until in 2007 she decided to create more time for performing and for... writing. Her first book, “De geest van Stotijn” (short stories about music), published in 2006, was received with great enthusiasm. Pauline wrote several compositions for oboe. November 2005, she composed ánd performed a composition for English horn and small ensemble for Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands.

The Dutch soprano, Nienke Oostenrijk, studied at the Sweelinck School of Music in Amsterdam. She already passed her doctoral examination in Conservatory in Amsterdam. It was there that she gained the ‘Uitvoerend Musicus’ (performer’s) diploma in 1993 with Margaret Honig. Since then she has been pursuing her studies with Cora Canne Meijer. She took part in master-classes with Arleen Augér, Elly Ameling, Robert Holl and others.

Nienke Oostenrijk appears in opera roles as well as on the concert platform, and has sung throughout Europe but has spent most of her time in The Netherlands and a good deal of time in Germany. Her opera repertoire includes several roles that belong to the repertoire of high sopranos. With several companies she had sung the role of Konstanze in Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail. Other roles include Pamina in Mozart ‘s Die Zauberflöte, Sophie in Strauss’ Der Rosenkavalier and Tebaldo in Verde’s Don Carlos, with the conductors like Kees Bakels, Marc Soustrot, Friedrich Haider and Carlo Rizzi.

Apart from being an opera singer Nienke Oostenrijk is a much sought-after Lieder singer and concert soloists. Bach’s St Matthew Passion (BWV 244) brought her to Berlin Konzerthaus. A series of performances throughout the Netherlands of Mozart’s Requiem with Jaap van Zweden conducting was followed by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater in the Berlin Konzerthaus, conducted by Jac van Steen. Increasingly she is also active in the field of 20th–century classical music, performing in the works of composers like Arnold Schoenberg (Second String Quartet), Jeff Hamburg and Igor Markevitch.


The contrast between heavenly glare and hellish rawness is completely at the service of emotional truth
De Telegraaf , 02-11-2013

This is a fine brace of re-releases packaged in an attractive SACD hybrid single-thickness double jewel case. 
Music Web International, 01-2-2012

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Disc #1
Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke BWV 84: Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke
Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke BWV 84: Ich esse mit Freuden mein weniges Brot
Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen BWV 32: Liebster Jesu, mein Verlangen
Weihnachts-Oratorium BWV 248: Flößt, mein Heiland
Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern BWV 1: Erfüllet, ihr himmlischen, göttlichen Flammen
Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis BWV 21: Seufzer, Tränen, Kummer, Not
Die Elenden sollen essen BWV 75: Ich nehme mein Leiden mit Freuden auf mich
Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten BWV 93: Ich will auf den Herren schaun
Nimm, was dein ist, und gehe hin BWV 144: Genügsamkeit ist ein Schatz in diesem Leben
Wer mich liebet, der wird mein Wort halten BWV 74: Komm, komm, mein Herze steht dir offen
Herr Jesu Christ, wahr? Mensch und Gott BWV 127: Die Seele ruht in Jesu Händen
Herr, gehe nicht ins Gericht mit deinem Knecht BWV 105: Wie zittern und wanken
Der Himmel lacht, die Erde jubilieret BWV 31: Letzte Stunde, brich herein

Disc #2
Concerto in A for Oboe d?amore, Strings and Continuo: (Allegro)
Concerto in A for Oboe d?amore, Strings and Continuo: Larghetto
Concerto in A for Oboe d?amore, Strings and Continuo: Allegro ma non tanto
Concerto in F for Oboe and Orchestra: Andante
Concerto in F for Oboe and Orchestra: Larghetto
Concerto in F for Oboe and Orchestra: Rondeau (Allegretto)
Concerto in E flat for Oboe, Strings and Harpsichord, Wq 165: Allegro
Concerto in E flat for Oboe, Strings and Harpsichord, Wq 165: Adagio ma non troppo
Concerto in E flat for Oboe, Strings and Harpsichord, Wq 165: Allegro ma non troppo
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