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Melodies of Love and Death - Opera Senza Parole

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Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72373
Release date
03 June 2011

"As if you are sitting in the front row at the concert hall face to face with the artist. Perfect timing and a playing style ensures severe involvement gives the Osiris Trio a unique status."

De Gelderlander, 26-2-2014

About the album

“Melodies of Love and Death”, “Opera Senza Parole”... what remains of the famous arias if the singers hand over their notes to their colleagues the instrumentalists? Opera is theatre, drama, driven by stories, action, the turbulent emotions of people: the passion of lovers, the vengeance of enemies. Can a violin make love to a cello? Can a piano take vengeance on strings? But, then, there is a reason the great composers are immortal. Their melodies, harmonies and rhythms transcend the concrete fact of the plot and lend to the drama in words the abstraction of the primal themes of human existence as it turns inexorably toward pitiful failure. And we listeners can’t get enough of it! We want to hear all these melodies time and again, and through them, experience what the unfortunate opera personages experience. We want to share in the passion of Love, tremble before the terrors of Death. All too often, we hardly know what an aria is literally about, and, strangely enough, we are often content to understand little or nothing of all the lyrical words, whether they are simple doggerel or poetry of the highest literary quality—the music tells the whole story!" (arranger Bob Zimmerman in the linernotes of this cd
Onsterfelijke opera aria’s bewerkt voor pianotrio
Wat blijft er over van de beroemde aria’s als de zangers hun partijen aan de instrumentalisten geven? Opera is drama, voortgedreven door verhalen, acties en de emoties van mensen. Kan een viool een cello liefhebben, of kan een piano wraak plegen op de strijkinstrumenten? Misschien niet, maar er is een reden waarom deze aria’s en hun componisten onsterfelijk zijn. Het publiek luistert keer op keer naar de aria’s, en ervaart daardoor wat de personages ervaren. De luisteraars weten vaak niet waar de tekst van een aria over gaat, maar daar zijn ze tevreden mee, omdat de muziek het hele verhaal vertelt.

Het pianotrio is uitermate geschikt om met alle emoties uit de opera om te gaan. Daarom twijfelde Bob Zimmerman geen moment over het voorstel van het Orisis Trio om een aantal aria’s voor hen te bewerken.

Het resultaat is een aantal voortreffelijke bewerkingen van Italiaanse, Franse, Tsjechische en Duitse aria’s, briljant uitgevoerd door het Osiris Trio. Ook zonder woorden zijn deze melodieën een feest van herkenning!
Unsterbliche Opernarien in Arrangements für Klaviertrio

"Opera Senza Parole"... was bleibt von den berühmten Arien, wenn die Sänger ihre Noten den Instrumentalisten übergeben? Oper ist Theater, Drama, angetrieben durch Geschichten, Handlung und große Gefühle: die Leidenschaft von Geliebten, die Rache von Feinden. Kann eine Geige ein Cello lieben? Kann ein Klavier Rache an Streichern nehmen? Das niederländische Osiris Trio interpretiert die wundervoll farbigen Arrangements der unsterblichen Melodien auf sehr subtile und lebendige Weise, dass man in keiner Sekunde die menschliche Stimme vermisst.


The Osiris Trio was formed in 1988. Since then, the trio has toured five continents and was twice given the honour to accompany Her Majesty The Queen of The Netherlands on an official state visit abroad. Over the past 19 years, the group has won a number of Dutch awards, including the`Philip Morris Finest Selection` award and the Annie Bosboom Prijs.

Since 2001 the Osiris Trio is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Cultur. The trio`s discography emcompasses two centuries of repertoire for piano trio but also includes songcycles and the highly regarded recording of Messiaens Quatuor pour la fin du temps that earned the highest rating (10 out of 10) in the Dutch music magazine Luister. The Dutch newspaper Het Parool concluded its review of a CD with recently written Dutch piano trios by stating "premium international quality." A recording of pianotrio`s of A.Dvořák has been released in september 2009.

Diversity typifies the group`s repertoire, which ranges from Haydn`s oeuvre for piano trio to works by contemporary composers. The production of Klas Torstenssons In großer Sehnsucht even brought the trio on stage in a theatrical setting. The Dutch Society of Concerthall and Theatre Managers recently nominated the Osiris Trio in the category "most impressive performances in chamber music." All members Ellen Corver ,Peter Brunt and Larissa Groeneveld hold teaching positions at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

Recent tours were made to the United States, Hawai, Indonesia, Sweden and France. In June 2007, the trio has established its own chamber music festival in the beautiful rural estate of Oranjewoud in Friesland. Over 15 concerts in three days were completely sold out and were given highest praise by audiences and the press.


As if you are sitting in the front row at the concert hall face to face with the artist. Perfect timing and a playing style ensures severe involvement gives the Osiris Trio a unique status.
De Gelderlander, 26-2-2014

It was a pleasure to recover our national spirit, one of a homeland with a heart, without territorial boundaries in the music. We still have a preference for open melodies, which simplicity never becomes trivial, and which keeps the passionate rhetorics full of fair aspirations. ci fa piacere ritrovare il nostro spirito nazionale ­ di una patria del cuore, prima che dei confini territoriali ­ nella musica. Sul pentagramma resistono i fossili del nostro gusto per l’aperto melodiare, per una semplicità mai banale, per l’ap­ passionata retorica intinta di fiere aspirazioni. Elide Bergamaschi, Cittadino, dicembre 2011
, 08-12-2011

Classic FM Magazine, 01-11-2011

"All things put together we can conclude that this is an attractive CD for listeners who want something different than the traditional repertoire and want to wallow for an hour in beautiful, famous opera melodies." Marjolijn Sengers, Luister, September/October 2011
, 12-9-2011

, 23-8-2011

"Het resultaat is een cd vol sentiment en pathos, vaak uiterst zangerig, zoals een opera betaamt. En daarbij zo direct opgenomen dat de cello zijn woordenloze boodschap sensueel in je oor lijkt te fluisteren." Akkoord Magazine - Aug-Sept "The result is a CD full of sentiment and pathos, often very melodious, as it befits an opera. The recording is very direct and in that way the cello seems to sensually whisper its wordless message in your ear." Akkoord Magazine - Aug-Sept
, 18-7-2011

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Osiris Trio plays Habanera - Melodies of Love and Death, Opera Senza Parole


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