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Robert Schumann

Voces Intimae

Piano trios op. 63 & 110

  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Classics
  • UPC 0608917252026
  • Catalog number CC 72520
  • Release date 27 October 2011
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About the album

The idea of leaving a testimony of our interpretation of the trios of Robert Schumann was born after a long musical, intellectual and personal journey.  Achieving a sincere and intense reading of Schumann’s work that would contain a personal vision of his music and his personality was certainly not a trivial task; The decision to perform his trios on original instruments was a means of bringing our sound closer to that of his musical environment, and to the sounds that he knew and loved, the sounds which filled his life and which obsessed him to the point of madness.  The tones of a mid-eighteenth century pianoforte (a magnificent J.B. Streicher of 1847) and of a violin (A. Mariani, 1648) and a cello (a C. Bergonzi copy from the late 1700s) mounted with uncovered gut strings, and their simple, surprising balance of tone, brought back to us a unique light, warm and intense, with which we tried to illuminate this extraordinary music.  In any case, we are talking about original instruments; that is, a means of expressing our vision of these magnificent compositions; The fundamental element remains the idea, the reading of these scores, the sounds which we imagine deep inside us before they are ever produced by the instruments at our disposal, our true intimate voices." (from the linernotes with this cd wrtten by Voces Intimae)

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