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La Resurrezione

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Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72120
Release date
01 April 2003

About the album

The musical story of Easter
Händel’s La Resurrezione is an oratorio for Easter. It was first performed on Easter Sunday 1708 in Rome. The libretto was written by Carlo Sigismondo Capece. The events related in the story are those of the period between the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, when Christ ‘descended into Hell’ to redeem the souls of the patriarchs and prophets who had prepared for His coming. The events in the underworld are set out in series of lively exchanges between an Angel and Lucifer. Meanwhile, the story as seen on earth is related through the conversations of three mortal characters, Mary Magdalene, Mary Cleophas and St John the Evangelist. The two planes of the drama are united when the Angel appears to the women at the sepulchre and announces the Resurrection to them.

Het muzikale Paasverhaal van Händel
La Resurrezione is een van de bekendste oratoria van Händel, gecomponeerd op het libretto van Carlo Sigismondo Capece. Capece was dichter aan het hof van Koningin Maria Casimira van Polen, die in ballingschap leefde in Rome. Het werk werd voor het eerst uitgevoerd op Paaszondag in 1708 in Rome en verteld het bijbelverhaal van de gebeurtenissen tussen Goede Vrijdag en Paaszondag.
Tijdens de recitatieven, de solo's door zangers waarin geen tekstherhalingen voorkomen, worden de gebeurtenissen verteld, terwijl de aria’s dienen voor de ontwikkeling van de personages. In het oratorium komen de personages Lucifer (bas), Maria Magdalena (sopraan), een Engel (sopraan), Johannes de Evangelist (tenor) en Maria, de vrouw van Kleopas (mezzo-sopraan) voor.

Het Combattimento Consort Amsterdam was een muziekensemble dat zich richtte op muziek tussen 1600 en 1800. In tegenstelling tot veel hedendaagse ensembles voerden zij deze oude muziek niet uit op historische instrumenten, maar op moderne instrumenten. Sinds 2014 is het in gewijzigde vorm voortgezet onder de naam Combattimento.

Een oratorium is een omvangrijk werk met orkest, koor en solo zangers. Het vertelt vaak een religieus verhaal. In tegenstelling tot een opera heeft een oratorium geen decor en speciale kostuums en wordt er in een oratorium niet geacteerd. Als een oratorium het lijdensverhaal van Christus als onderwerp heeft, spreekt men van een passie.


As of January 2014, Combattimento Consort Amsterdam will seize to exist. Founder and artistic leader Jan Willem de Vriend has decided to give full focus to his conducting activities. The other members of the ensemble have decided to continue under the name Combattimento. More information about them is to be found at

Founded in 1982 by violinist Jan Willem de Vriend, the Combattimento Consort Amsterdam developed into a close-knit ensemble specialising in music from 1600-1800.

The musicians' wish not to focus solely on the standard repertoire resulted in many interesting programmes featuring remarkable and little-known works, some of which were only available in manuscript. The performance of these compositions in conjunction with more familiar works proved to be refreshing and inspiring to listeners and performers alike.

Over the years the ensemble gave many memorable concerts and operatic performances including Handel’s Rodelinda, Alcina, also by Handel, and Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo, in collaboration with De Nationale Reisopera.

In September 2002 the ensemble made its debut at the Early Music Holland Festival in Utrecht, giving two performances of Rameau's opera Platée in a co-production with Onafhankelijk Toneel and the Nationale Reisopera.

In addition to numerous concerts in the Netherlands, the Combattimento Consort also appeared in various European countries and in venues outside of Europe. Successful tours in the United States, Japan and South America have always been attracting attention in national and international media.
Concerts often had solo performances by members of the ensemble, but the Combattimento Consort also worked with great performers such as Barbara Bonney, Andreas Scholl and Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Thomas Zehetmair and Sabine Meyer as well as joining forces with Collegium Vocale Gent and other groups.

Several recordings have won the highest praise of the Dutch music magazine 'Luister'. Over the years, the ensemble made numerous CD recordings, including Handels La Resurrezione. Another recent production is Der Stein der Weisen. This opera had its premiere in the Wielki Theatre in Lodz (Poland; 2003), and after that it toured in The Netherlands and Flanders. In 2004 the Combattimento Consort toured through Central Europe and The Netherlands with Handel’s opera Agrippina, the largest cultural project within the Netherlands Presidency of the European Union.

Jan Willem de Vriend
Jan Willem de Vriend is the artistic director of Combattimento Consort Amsterdam and since 2006 the chief conductor and artistic director of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra.

Combattimento Consort Amsterdam devotes itself to the music of about 1600 to 1830. Since its founding in 1982, it has performed virtually throughout the world as well as on many CDs, DVDs and television productions. For decades, Combattimento Consort Amsterdam has had its own concert series at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in which many entirely unknown – and mostly unpublished – pieces are performed alongside more familiar works, such as the yearly Matthaus Passion and Weihnachtsoratorium by Bach. Their 25th anniversary in 2007 was celebrated with the impressive project of Bibers Missa Salisburgensis, for the very first time in the original version with 4 organs and as many choirs.

In addition to having served as concertmaster with various ensembles, De Vriend developed a career as a conductor with several orchestras both in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Italy Germany, Sweden, as well as China and Australia. Opera conducting has come to play a significant role. He has led Combattimento Consort Amsterdam in unknown operas by Gassmann, Rameau, Heinchen and Haydn, among others, as well as familiar operas by such composers as Monteverdi, Handel, Rossini and Mozart. For the opera houses of Lucern, Strasbourg, Barcelona and Enschede, he has conducted operas by Handel, Mozart, Verdi, Strauss and others.
He was invited by the Stanislavsky Theatre of Moscow to conduct an opera by Handel.

Since De Vriend was named chief conductor in 2006, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra has become a notable phenomenon on the Netherlands’ musical scene. It has presented semi-scenic performances of works by Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss and Mendelssohn. There were premieres of works by Offenbach, Say and Mahler. And by substituting historical instruments in the brass section, it has developed its own distinctive sound in the 18th- and 19th-century repertoire. The orchestra performed music by Schumann at festivals in Spain and recorded Beethoven’s complete symphonies conducted by De Vriend. Its long Mahler tradition is being continued in recordings and tours.

De Vriend was awarded the Dutch Radio 4 Prize of the year 2012. The Radio 4 Prize is awarded to a musician (or ensemble or institution) who has distinguished himself in bringing classical music to a broad public.


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Disc #1
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Sonata
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Disserratevi, O Porte d'Averno
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Qual' Insolita Luce
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Caddi, È Ver, Ma Nel Cadere
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Ma Che Veggio?
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: D'Amor Fu Consiglio
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: O Voi, Dell'Erebo
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Notte, Notte Funesta
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Ferma l'Ali, e Sui Miei Lumi
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Piangete, Si, Piangete
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Dolci Chiodi, Amate Spine
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Quando e' Parto dell'Affetto
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Naufragando Va per l'Onde
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Così la Tortorella
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Ho un Non So Che Nel Cor
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 1: Il Nume Vincitor

Disc #2
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Introduzione
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Ecco Il Sol Ch'esce dal Mare
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Risorga il Mondo
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Di Rabbia Indarno Freme
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Per Celare Il Nuovo Scorno
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Impedirlo Saprò
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Per Me Già di Morire
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Vedo Il Ciel Che Più Sereno
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Se Per Colpa di Donna Infelice
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Del Ciglio Dolente
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Augelletti, Ruscelletti
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Caro Figlio!
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Se Impassibile, Immortale
La resurrezione, HWV 47 Part 2 : Diasi Lode In Cielo, In Terra
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