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Challenge Records
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CR 73371
Release date
07 May 2014

"This album offers a stylistic and atmospheric diversity"

Fono Forum, 01-10-2014

About the album

‘Interview’ is the new album of Bart Wirtz, in cooperation with one of the world’s greatest trumpet players Sean Jones (the orchestra of Wynton Marsalis, the Marcus Miller band).

Bart Wirtz won several honors including the Erasmus Jazz Prize, the Leiden Jazz Award and the Breda Jazz Prize. In November 2012 he won the Edison Jazzism Audiance Award for his previous album iDreamer. Wirtz is well known for his flexible and versatile style that ranges from hard bop to freer explorations.

For this recording, the line up is expanded with vibraphone, bass clarinet and keys. A new, fresh and surprising sound, cross-over with different styles that makes connection with the current time with rock, roots and jazz influences.
"Interview" ist das neue Album von Bart Wirtz, das in cooperation mit einem der größten Trompeter unserer Zeit Sean Jones (Orchestra of Wynton Marsalis, the Marcus Miller Band) entstanden ist.

Bart Wirtz hat eine Vielzahl an Preisen gewonnen, darunter den Erasmus Jazz Prize, den Leiden Jazz Award und den Breda Jazz Prize. Im November 2012 gewann er den Edison Jazzism Audiance Award für das Album iDreamer. Wirtz ist bekannt für seinen vielseitigen und wandlungsfähigen Stil, das von Hard Bop bis zur freien Exploration reicht.

Das Line-up auf diesem Album wurde um Vibraphon, Bass Klarinette und Keyboard erweitert. Ein neuer, frischer und überraschender Sound, der verschiedene Stile vereint und eine Verbindung mit Rock, Roots Music und Jazz erlaubt.


One of the finest young saxophonists in Europe today, Bart Wirtz has a flexible and versatile style that ranges from hard bop to freer explorations. A logical extension of such giants as Jackie McLean, Frank Morgan and Art Pepper among others, Wirtz has his own sound and open-minded approach to playing jazz. Born in the Netherlands, he attended the Rotterdam Conservatory, winning several honors (including the Erasmus Jazz Prize, the Leiden Jazz Award and the Breda Jazz Prize) while in the conservatory. Wirtz graduated in 2002 and then spent a half-year in New York. Returning to Amsterdam, he became very busy with his career and has not stopped since. Bart Wirtz has become an important member of five different jazz groups. The Young Sinatras is a ten-piece band that includes singer Paul van Kessel. Monsieur Dubois is quite a bit different in style, mixing together funk, soul jazz, jungle beats and Afro grooves. Monsieur Dubois has thus far recorded two CDs for Challenge: Ruff and Soul Integration. The Artvark Saxophone Quartet gives Wirtz another separate area of music to explore. The a capella quartet, grooves while also being open to playing free and adventurous solos and ensembles without the comfort of a rhythm section. Wirtz describes the 16-piece Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra as “the best young Dutch musicians in one big band conducted by Johan Plomp.”

With his previous album iDreamer he won a Edison Jazzism Audience award in 2012.



This album offers a stylistic and atmospheric diversity
Fono Forum, 01-10-2014

Wirtz' compositions are accessible, with provocative themes that are reminiscent of hardbop originials. However, the fresh sound of the band and the diversion of crossover elements are giving a contemporary twist to the whole.
Jazzism, 01-10-2014

Wirtz excels in hard bop with a twist, and again adds a pair of strong compositions to his repertoire.
Jazzmozaiek, 23-9-2014

"The magical chemistry between Jones and Wirtz is clearly heard "
Jazzism, 16-9-2014

"Interview is a good sequel of the Edison awarded album iDreamer"
Jazzism, 16-9-2014

Bart Wirtz should be proud of the result of this album and could win a lot of prices with this album. 
Jazzflits, 23-6-2014

Despite his struggle during the process, the album became a wonderful blend that breathes hardbop and influences of blues, funk, rock and soul. He had produced a color palette where you want to disappear in
Jazzenzo, 13-6-2014

The interaction between the occasional raw sound of the alto Wirtz and suppleness and beautiful tone of Jones make this an exciting CD
Rootstime, 12-6-2014

Now there Interview, a new album in which he [Wirtz] l combines various styles, plays technically strong and despite the large amounts of notes does not forget that it can sound very beautiful
Bn De stem, 07-6-2014

A Must listen!
Radio 4, 02-6-2014

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Jazzism, 01-6-2014

Individuele lijstjes Sander Grande - Mojo North Sea Jazz Festival 6. Bart Wirtz - Interview 
Jazzism, 01-6-2014

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Jazzism, 01-6-2014

Melodic strong, musically diverse and accessible. Interview is an album you want to listen to again and again. 
De Volkskrant, 13-5-2014

8 out of 10 point!
PlatoMania, 13-5-2014

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Bart Wirtz - New album

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