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  • Type CD
  • Label Challenge Records
  • UPC 0608917338324
  • Catalog number CR 73383
  • Release date 09 May 2014
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About the album

Batik is a group that originated from the duo which Joost Lijbaart and Wolfert Brederode started in 2005. Significant for the group sound of Batik is the blending of music into one sound, as with the duo. With the emphasis on joint improvisation together they search for a new tone in which traditional forms of music fade away. The instruments itself are subordinate to the whole.

When searching a metaphor for their music the name of Claudy Jongstra came to the surface. Joost Lijbaart is a great admirer of her tapestry's. "She works with wool and plant material in a special way. Experimenting, the whole process of unlikely arduous labour, the felting of materials into one with nothing but her own hands as tools. The colouring and all the tiny steps that lead to one great end product full of life. I could  have found a more beautiful symbolization of what Batik is all about."

The comparison between felt and music is all about compiling. Putting self-containd single small pieces (felt and notes) together to make a whole;  "When you make felt you compile. You collect and arrange and with nothing but wool, water and abrasion a whole new fabric arises that did not exist before. Music is also a compilation. You position and merge notes and create a living moment that invokes an emotion" as Joost Lijbaart explains.

Click here for the YouTube video of 'Intertwined'

Click here for the YouTube video of 'Headlands'

Click here for the YouTube video of 'Lady Y'

Joost Lijbaart, Sanne Rambags and Bram Stadhouders: 'Under the Surface'


image In Under the Surface drummer Joost Lijbaart, singer Sanne Rambags and gitarist Bram Stadhouders search for the sound behind silence, in 11 improvisations resulting in a breathtaking meditative sound world! Concerts of the trio will be in Amsterdam on March 17 in Orgelpark, in Tilburg on March 26 in Nootstop and Eindhoven in Muziekgebouw Eindhoven on April 8 at the Blue Note Club sessions.

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