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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73404
Release date
27 March 2015

"''With Reed player Francesco Bearzatti, pianist Franz von Chossy, bassist Clemens van der Feen and drummer Martijn Vink around him, Fazio makes great but at the same time subdued firm jazz that develops a song from the smallest incentives''"

VPRO Vrije Geluiden, 06-1-2016

About the album

This of Sandro Fazio album, called Growth is part of a trilogy. The first cd Birth, is followed by Growth and the last album will probably be called Wisdom. Sandro: "The path along the 3 chapters should emphasize a growing maturity and a more wise approach towards concept, composition & performing. I also have a PhD in Chemistry, and I think, directly or undirectly, I use the scientific forma mentis in this process."

Sandro Fazio's Growth owns a unique feature: that of conveying in itself nuances and ways not attributable to a single sub-genre of jazz, although representing it perfectly. Evocative, the finesse of guitarist and composer Sandro Fazio, lies in the charm given off by the melodic lyricism of the slow but relentless - and at times mesmerising - pace. As well as in the constantly changing musical constructions, well-balanced between composition and improvisation, revealing a complex texture, nonetheless never complicated for the listener.

Fazio's work, crafted in sound and dynamics up to the smallest detail, takes shape thanks to high-level musicians out of the contemporary European scene: Francesco Bearzatti on sax/clarinet, Franz von Chossy on piano, Clemens van der Feen on double bass and Martijn Vink on drums.
Nach Birth folgt mit Growth nun Sando Fazios zweiter Teil der Trilogie: „Der Weg durch die 3 Kapitel soll eine wachsende Reife betonen,und eine weisere Herangehensweise an Konzept, Komposition und Interpretation.“ Growth ist einzigartig, denn es repräsentiert das ein oder andere Sub-Genre des Jazz vollkommen und kann doch keinem einzelnen zugeordnet werden. Der Charme dieser evokativen Musik liegt in der melodischen Lyrik des langsamen aber unaufhaltsamen Tempos. Musikalische Konstruktionen verändern sich beständig, halten jedoch die perfekte Balance zwischen Komposition und Improvisation und enthüllen so ihre komplexe Struktur, ohne jemals für den Hörer kompliziert zu sein.


Guitarist, composer and arranger Sandro Fazio was born in France (1972) and raised in Sicily from the age of 10. He soon became a recognised figure on the jazz scene in Catania. After obtaining a degree in Chemistry, Fazio moved to the Netherlands in 2000 where he was accepted at the prestigious Conservatory of Amsterdam to study jazz guitar and attended masterclasses by Jesse van Ruller, John Scofield, Nguyจบn Lจบ, among others. Not only did Fazio graduate from the Conservatory (2004) but he also earned a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam (2005) กช a course he had been concurrently following.
Through his musical career Sandro Fazio has had the honour to collaborate with internationally renowned musicians and he has performed at prestigious festivals and venues across Europe. His music has been widely reviewed, most notably in the American jazz magazine DownBeat, as well as broadcast on European national radio stations and music television networks, including Djazz and Mezzo.



''With Reed player Francesco Bearzatti, pianist Franz von Chossy, bassist Clemens van der Feen and drummer Martijn Vink around him, Fazio makes great but at the same time subdued firm jazz that develops a song from the smallest incentives''
VPRO Vrije Geluiden, 06-1-2016

"His record can be called heavenly since the inexhaustible ingenuity for light songlike melodies and the clear diction seem to be fastened in the sky. Shining themes profess to singable simplicity just to open up to a raging passion for improvisation."
FAZ, 20-7-2015

"Sandro serves heavy stuff, intellectual demanding moderne always close or in the middle of free jazz."
Jazzpodium, 01-7-2015

"Growth offers a fine balance between composition and improvisations." 
Music Emotion, 01-6-2015

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