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Visions of Joy | The Chapel of Hieronymus Bosch

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Release date: 03 June 2016
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€ 4.95
Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72710
Release date
03 June 2016

"From the point of view of the repertoire and the interpretation is this CD is of great importance. This is in addition to the musical completely  successful interpretation. The result is a very captivating production"

Toccata, 01-7-2017

About the album

Music clearly fascinated the great Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch (c.1450-1516); his sketches and paintings are peppered with closely observed depictions of music-making and musical instruments. Bosch, a native of ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Duchy of Brabant, was a life-long brother of the city’s Brotherhood of Our Illustrious Lady, a large and prestigious organization for which sacred music was an essential and highly-valued part of its devotional life. Every Wednesday Bosch could gather with his Confraternity brothers in their opulent chapel in the church of St. John the Evangelist to celebrate a votive Mass in honour of the Blessed Virgin. This recording aims to capture a sense of the devotional soundscape that Bosch experienced throughout his life as a member of this music-loving Marian brotherhood. Instead of the frightening cacophony conjured by the artist’s vision of Hell, we encounter here the joy and serenity of the weekly Marian votive Mass liturgy. We have chosen the Missa Cum jocunditate by Pierre de la Rue (c.1452-1518), who was not only the most renowned composer of the Habsburg-Burgundian court but also an external member of the brotherhood from the early 1490s until his death in 1518. Indeed, La Rue may well have had occasion to meet Bosch during these years. Cappella Pratensis sings from the original notation, reading from scale copies of the confraternity’s manuscripts of plainsong and polyphony, and adopts the Brabant pronunciation of Latin those singers surely employed. They also read together from one large music book, like the men portrayed in the Singers in the Egg sketch attributed to Bosch

Een muzikaal eerbetoon aan Hieronimus Bosch
Dit album bevat een opname van het polyfone meesterwerk Missa cum Jocunditate, maar het is vooral een eerbetoon aan Hieronimus Bosch, wiens 500-jarige overlijden overal ter wereld gelegenheid gaf om zijn werk nogmaals te eren.

Uit afbeeldingen van musici en muziekinstrumenten op zijn schilderijen en schetsen blijkt dat Bosch gefascineerd was door muziek. Hij was een broeder van de Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap in s’Hertogenbosch. Elke woensdag kon Bosch naar de bijeenkomst van de broeders in de kapel in de Sint-Janskathedraal om de mis ter ere van de Heilige Maagd te vieren. Hij zou daar het koor bestaande uit mannen en jongens hebben horen zingen. Ze zongen niet alleen oude Gregoriaanse gezangen, maar ook complexe nieuwe muziek in de vorm van polyfone missen en motetten. Cappella Pratensis probeert op dit album de klanken vast te leggen die Bosch in zijn leven heeft gehoord. De klanken worden niet vertegenwoordigd door de angstaanjagende kakafonie die Bosch’s interpretatie van de Hel oproept, maar door de vreugde en kalmte van de wekelijkse Mariamissen.

De Missa cum Jocunditate van Pierre de la Rue is uitgekozen voor dit album omdat De la Rue niet alleen de meest vermaarde componist van het hof van Habsburg-Bourgondië was, maar ook een extern lid van de broederschap. De la Rue zou Bosch wel eens ontmoet kunnen hebben.

Cappella Pratensis maakt gebruik van de originele notatie, opgeschreven in schaalmodellen van de manuscripten van de Broederschap. Daarnaast wordt de Latijnse tekst op zijn Brabants uitgesproken, iets wat de zangers van de Broederschap zeker gedaan hebben.

Cappella Pratensis is een ervaren ensemble met een groot aantal opnames van polyfone werken bij Challenge Classics. Ze houden zich aan de regels van musicologisch onderzoek en praktijkonderzoek.
Musik war etwas, das den großen niederländischen Künstler Hieronymus Bosch eindeutig faszinierte. Abbildungen von Musikern und Instrumenten zieren Gemälde und Skizzen, doch es sind bei Weitem nicht nur himmlische Szenen, die Bosch ersinnt - Unzüchtiges, Spöttisches, Teuflisches ist ebenso tief verankert. Doch anstelle der furchterregenden Kakophonie von Boschs Höllenvisionen soll hier die friedvolle, feierliche Stimmung dominieren, die Bosch als Mitglied der religiösen Bruderschaft Unserer Lieben Frau Woche für Woche in der Messe gehört hat. Dabei konnten die Sänger der Bruderschaft aus einer Vielzahl von Vertonungen des Ordinariums wählen, und genauso tun es auch die Musiker heute. Mit den sorgfältig ausgewählten Werken sucht diese Einspielung, eine Momentaufnahme der frommen Gesänge zu machen, die Bosch erlebt haben mag. In der Andacht mit Hieronymus Bosch - die Cappella Pratensis macht es möglich.


The Dutch-based vocal ensemble Cappella Pratensis – literally ‘Cappella des prés’ – champions the music of Josquin Desprez and the polyphonists of the 15th and 16th centuries. The group combines historically informed performance practice with inventive programmes and original interpretations based on scholarly research and artistic insight. As in Josquin’s time, the members of Cappella Pratensis perform from a central music stand, singing from the original mensural notation scored in a large choirbook. This approach, together with attention to the linguistic origin of the compositions and the modal system on which it is based, offers a unique perspective on the repertoire. Founded in 1987, Cappella Pratensis is currently under the artistic direction of singer and conductor Stratton Bull.

Besides regular appearances at concert venues in the Netherlands and Belgium, Cappella Pratensis has performed at leading international festivals and concert series throughout Europe, North America and Japan. From 2005 to 2007, the group was ensemble-in-residence at the Fondation Royaumont (France), where it gave courses, presented concerts and worked with distinguished musicians. Cappella Pratensis has also made a series of CD recordings that have met with critical acclaim and distinctions from the press (including the Diapason d’Or and the Prix Choc). In 2009 the ensemble released a DVD/CD production around the Missa de Sancto Donatiano by Jacob Obrecht, which included a reconstruction of the first performance of the Mass, filmed on location in Bruges together with substantial documentary material. This production was crowned with a Diapason découverte and the highest rating from Classica magazine.

The CD Vivat Leo! Music for a Medici Pope (2010), with guest conductor Joshua Rifkin, received a Diapason d’Or. The group’s most recent CD features two of the oldest polyphonic settings of the Requiem, by Johannes Ockeghem and Pierre de la Rue.

Cappella Pratensis also passes on insights into vocal polyphony and performance from original notation – both among professionals and amateurs – through masterclasses, multi-media presentations, collaboration with institutions, an annual summer course as part of the Laus Polyphoniae festival in Antwerp, and training young singers within the group itself. The ensemble is a partner with the universities of Leuven and Oxford in the digitization and valorization of all the brilliant musical sources made in the workshops of the early sixteenthcentury music scribe Petrus Alamire.



From the point of view of the repertoire and the interpretation is this CD is of great importance. This is in addition to the musical completely  successful interpretation. The result is a very captivating production
Toccata, 01-7-2017

(...) Lovers of renaissance music should not hesitate to add these two discs to their collection. (...)
Johan van Veen, 13-2-2017

Amadeus Online - 09/01/2017
Amadeus Online, 09-1-2017

Classica / 01-01-2016
Classica, 01-10-2016

Classic Voice - 1 september 2016
Classic Voice, 01-9-2016

"All these works are without a doubt examples of beauty, but Capella's approximation is particularly polished."
, 01-9-2016

Although still some nasal, seems to be the total sound moved to that of the specialized clubs as those in United Kingdom-taut, pure, with some more body.
NRC Handelsblad, 18-8-2016

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Frankfurter Allgemeine, 15-8-2016

Capella Pratensis and Capilla Flamenca have got amazing voices that follow the historical reconstruction of their conductors in a great way.
Klassiek Centraal, 24-7-2016

" [...] Missa Cum jocunditate is a Marian Mass , sung as historically accurate as possible by Cappella Pratensis [...] "
VPRO - Vrije geluiden, 22-7-2016

" [...] The vocal ensemble Cappella Pratensis have taken the music of this hero out of a acrchive from Brabant [...] "
De Volkskrant, 20-7-2016

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