Bartholdy Quintet

String Quintets

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€ 19.95
Catalogue number
AVI 8553348
Release date
24 June 2016

"That dryness of sound which so worked against them in the Bruckner really does come into its own here, creating a tremendously vivid feel to the excitable violin playing which leads, by means of some breath-taking chromatic twists and turns and an almost gypsy-style dance to the work’s invigorating conclusion."

Musicweb International, 16-1-2017

About the album

Very few permanent ensembles of five string performers can be found on today's chamber music scene, despite the fact that the string quintet genre features a number of beautiful works by the likes of Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Dvorak. The Bartholdy Quintet has been devoting itself to this wonderful sector of classical chamber music ever since it was founded in 2009. With it's debut release featuring Alexander von Zemlinsky's Two Movements for String Quintet and Anton Bruckner's Quintet in F Major, the ensemble is fulfilling it's desire to make relatively rare works in the genre known to a wider audience. 'Long before we went into the recording studio, we had already been working intensely on these two pieces - we performed them often in public, with much pleasure', recalls violinist Ulf Schneider. 'Each one of these works is outstanding in it's own right; the symphonic dimension in Bruckner's music and Zemlinsky's quite unusual work with a virtuoso final movement. Moreover, apart from such unique compositional traits, each of the composers had something very personal to say. That is what fascinates us teh most - and as we have gone on performing them in concert over the years, we have come to love these two quintets. Their inclusion as the two main works on our first release as a permanent string quintet was thus a matter of course.'


2009 was the year in which the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of Mendelssohn’s birth: at that moment, after one of their numerous joint performances on stage, the five renowned musicians who today form the Bartholdy Quintet decided to create a permanent ensemble. They were also thrilled to discover that the literature for string quintet holds a treasure-trove of truly beautiful gems still waiting to be discovered and performed. Thus, each one of this ensemble’s well-versed members is able to bring many years of chamber music experience into an intense, ongoing collaboration resulting in thoroughly homogenous interpretations at the highest technical level.

Ulf Schneider

studied violin with Jens Ellermann, Felix Galimir and Thomas Zehetmair. As a member of the Jean Paul Trio, of which he is co-founder, he won First Prizes in renowned international chamber music competitions in Osaka, Melbourne and Bonn. Schneiders musical activities in duo, with the Jean Paul Trio, and as quintet member and his collaborations in music/text programmes with well-known actors lead him to appear on a regular basis in concert series and festivals all over Europe, North and South America, and Australia. He holds a post as Professor of Violin at Hannover Music Academy.

Anke Dill

studied violin with Nora Chastain, Shmuel Ashkenasi, Yair Kless and Donald Weilerstein. She is the recipient of a number of awards, and has performed as soloist and chamber musician in a number of formations all over Europe as well as in Japan, China and the US. She was appointed Professor of Violin at Stuttgart Music Academy in 2004.

Volker Jacobsen

studied viola with Barbara Westphal. Displaying a very early interest in chamber music, he went on to found the renowned Artemis Quartet in 1989, of which he remained a member until 2007. Jacobsen taught chamber music at Berlin University of the Arts and at the Chapelle Musicale Reine Elisabeth in Brussels. Since 2007 he has been dividing his activities between his post as professor at Hannover Music Academy and a great number of free-lance appearances as violist worldwide.

Barbara Westphal

studied viola with Itzhak Perlman, as well as with Michael Tree (of the Guarneri Quartet). In 1983 she won the highest awarded prize in the solo viola category at the Munich ARD Competition, along with the Gebrüder-Busch Preis. From 1978 to 1985 she was a member of the US-based Delos Quartet, with which she also made a series of recordings, apart from her own acclaimed recordings as solo violist. She holds a professorship for viola at Lübeck Music Academy.

Gustav Rivinius

Cellist, is the first and only German musician ever to have been awarded the First Prize Gold Medal at the Moscow International Tchaikovsky Competition (1990). He has made a great number of appearances with renowned orchestras in Germany and abroad, also collaborating in chamber music with colleagues such as Lars Vogt, Christian Tetzlaff, Antje Weithaas and Sharon Kam. He is a founder of the Gasparo da Salò Trio and of the Tammuz Piano Quartet. He holds a professorship for cello at Saarbrücken Music Academy.


That dryness of sound which so worked against them in the Bruckner really does come into its own here, creating a tremendously vivid feel to the excitable violin playing which leads, by means of some breath-taking chromatic twists and turns and an almost gypsy-style dance to the work’s invigorating conclusion.
Musicweb International, 16-1-2017

For sure, this is an interesting and ambitious program which the Mendelssohn Quintet plays in a rather restrained way. A little more flexibility would have brought added value…
Pizzicato, 01-10-2016

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