Hannes Minnaar / Jan Willem de Vriend / The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra

Piano Concerto No. 3

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Format: SACD
Label: Challenge Classics
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Catnr: CC 72715
Release date: 02 June 2017
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€ 12.95
Challenge Classics
Catalogue number
CC 72715
Release date
02 June 2017

About the album

Of course you have spotted it already: the new 3-cd box with the complete piano concertos of Ludwig van Beethoven performed by pianist Hannes Minnaar, the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and conductor Jan Willem de Vriend. The only thing that was missing, after the first two albums in this series, was the Third Piano Concerto, and now the recordings are complete and put together in a fine box, but the concerto is also available separately!

Because of circumstances the production of this series could not be completed as was intended. That is why this could not be produced as a full cd with the concerto plus additional music to complete it, but rather only the missing piano concerto could be recorded. This way the set was indeed completed as was the intention and is now available in one box. This was the wish of orchestra, soloist, conductor and record company: to be able to complete the cycle and offer it to the music lover as a full series.

But, since there are music lovers among you that have already bought the other two volumes and do not want to purchase the whole box to be able to hear and enjoy the third and last volume, there is a possiblity to buy the album with only the Third Piano Concerto. It is available as a 'limited edition' and can only be purchased on the website of Challenge Classics for a special prize of € 12,95 (with a smaller booklet)
And also digitally via Itunes

We hope you enjoy the Third Piano Concerto, which completes this beautiful Beethoven series!

Het laatste concert uit een serie
In een serie van alle Pianoconcerten van Ludwig van Beethoven uitgevoerd door pianist Hannes Minnaar, samen met het Orkest van het Oosten onder leiding van Jan Willem de Vriend, was dit nog het enige concert dat ontbrak: het Derde Pianoconcert.

Het concert in c-klein werd in 1800 gecomponeerd, maar ging pas drie jaar later in première, met de componist zelf als solist. Tijdens datzelfde optreden ging ook de Tweede Symfonie en Christus am Ölberge, Beethovens enige oratorium, in première. Het stuk werd opgedragen aan Louis Ferdinand van Pruisen, een Pruisisch generaal en componist. Liefhebbers van Mozart's Pianoconcerten zullen wellicht opkijken, het eerste thema van dit concert doet namelijk zeer denken aan Mozart's 24e.




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