Mateusz Sobiechowski Quintet

Vital Music

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Release date: 05 October 2018
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€ 19.95
Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73461
Release date
05 October 2018

"... A good album, and if the band continues like this, more maturity and development will gradually come along, perhaps with a little more risk in the execution..."

W. Giese, 02-11-2018

About the album

Mateusz Sobiechowski, pianist and composer, is an experienced member of the young Polish jazz scene. He leads his own quintet and is co-founder of "Bieńczycki/Sobiechowski Duo", "The Forest Tuner" and "Stanisław Słowiński Quintet". Sobiechowski has participated in numerous master classes and has won several prizes. As part of the Erasmus scholarship programme, he studied for six months in 2014 at the renowned Amsterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands. "Vital Music" is the debut of the Mateusz Sobiechowski Quintet. The music on this album was composed by the pianist and leader and draws on many influences, from contemporary jazz to European classical music. And above all, it is full of improvisation.

Mateusz Sobiechowski, Pianist und Komponist, ist ein erfahrenes Mitglied der jungen polnischen Jazzszene. Er leitet sein eigenes Quintett und ist Mitbegründer von "Bieńczycki/Sobiechowski Duo", "The Forest Tuner" und "Stanisław Słowiński Quintet". Sobiechowski hat an zahlreichen Meisterkursen teilgenommen und ist vielfacher Preisträger. Im Rahmen des Erasmus-Stipendienprogramms studierte er 2014 für sechs Monate am renommierten Konservatorium von Amsterdam in den Niederlanden. "Vital Music" ist das Debüt des Mateusz Sobiechowski Quintetts. Die Musik dieses Albums wurde vom Pianisten und Leader komponiert und schöpft aus vielen Einflüssen, vom zeitgenössischen Jazz bis hin zur europäischen Klassik. Und vor allem ist es voller Improvisation.


Formed in 2016 by Mateusz Sobiechowski, the members of Mateusz Sobiechowski Quintet are experienced and appreciated members of Poland’s next generation jazz musicians. All of them still study or graduated from prestigious music universities such as: the Frost School of Music in Miami, Jazzcampus in Basel, Conservatorium of Amsterdam (CvA), Academy of Music in Katowice and Krakow. They won first prizes on such competitions as: Getxo Music & Food in Spain, Jazz Juniors International Exchange and Jazz on the Odra in Poland. Music of the band was composed by Sobiechowski and draws from many influences, such as contemporary jazz to European classical music. And above all it’s full of improvisation.



... A good album, and if the band continues like this, more maturity and development will gradually come along, perhaps with a little more risk in the execution...
W. Giese, 02-11-2018

In the nine pieces that are on the album, it's generally very strong and mainly the saxophonist, the guitarist and the pianist improvise.
Jazzenzo, 06-10-2018

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