Patrick Ayrton

Some Like it Plucked

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Release date: 05 April 2019
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€ 19.95
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GLO 5272
Release date
05 April 2019

"An absolute must for every lover of harpsichord sound."

Luister, 08-11-2019

About the album

On Some Like it Plucked harpsichordist, organist and conductor Patrick Ayrton successfully combines jazz and 20th century piano pieces in arrangements for harpsichord. Ayrton's ensemble Les Inventions and violinist Thomas Gould join in for the pièce de résistance of this album: Joseph Horovitz' 1965 Jazz Harpsichord Concerto. In this highly entertaining concerto, Horovitz ingeniously crosses Vivaldian sonata and concerto forms with Gershwinian harmonies in what the composer describes himself as “an attempt to fuse Baroque structures into a modern conception of swing texture”.
Op Some Like it Plucked combineert klavecinist, organist en dirigent Patrick Ayrton op succesvolle wijze jazz en 20e -eeuwse pianostukken in bewerkingen voor klavecimbel. Ayrtons ensembles Les Inventions en violist Thomas Gould voegen zich bij hem in het pièce de résistance van dit album: het Jazz Harpsichord Concerto van Joseph Horowitz uit 1965. In dit zeer vermakelijke concert kruist Horowitz op ingenieuze wijze Vivaldiaanse sonate- en concertvormen met Gershwiniaanse harmonieën in wat de componist zelf beschrijft als “een poging om barokstructuren te versmelten in een modern idee van swingtextuur.”

Bekijk ook de documentaire over dit stuk.
Auf Some Like It Plucked kombiniert Cembalist, Organist und Dirigent Patrick Ayrton mit Erfolg Jazz und Klavierstücke des 20. Jahrhunderts in Arrangements für Cembalo. Ayrtons Ensemble Les Inventions und Violinist Thomas Gould stoßen für das Schaustück des Albums hinzu: Joseph Horovitz‘ Jazz Harpsichord Concerto aus dem Jahre 1965. In diesem höchst unterhaltsamen Konzert kreuzt Horovitz auf geniale Weise Vivaldische Sonaten- und Konzertformen mit Gerschwinesken Harmonien in etwas, das der Komponist selbst beschreibt als „Versuch, barocke Strukturen in die moderne Vorstellung von Swing-Textur zu schmelzen“.


Patrick Ayrton divides his time between performance on a variety of keyboards and his work as a conductor. He studied organ and sacred music at the Vienna Academy where he was a pupil of Alfred Mitterhofer, Michael Radulescu and Erwin Ortner. Later, he moved to The Netherlands where he followed courses in harpsichord and chamber music under the guidance of Ton Koopman. He was a laureate of the Organ Competitions at Innsbruck in 1983 and Bruges in 1985. Patrick Ayrton currently teaches thorough-bass, chamber music and improvisation at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague. He has been a tutor for the European Union Baroque Orchestra audition courses and has given masterclasses at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory and Gnessin School in Moscow, the Yonsei University of Seoul, the Latvian Academy in Riga and the Summer School of the Salzburg Mozarteum. Patrick Ayrton is the central figure in a documentary film based on “Tregian’s Ground”, a prize-winning novel by the Swiss writer Anne Cuneo. His association and collaboration with the Dutch conductor Arie van Beek has led him to develop his skills as a music director. In recent years, he has received invitations to conduct orchestras of repute such as the Orchestra of the Auvergne, the Chamber Academy of Potsdam, the Dijon-Bourgogne Orchestra, the Pasdeloup Orchestra in Paris, the Nordic Chamber Orchestra (Sweden), the Symphony Orchestra of Cannes, the Latvian Radio Choir, the Chamber Orchestra of Munich or the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. Patrick Ayrton is also the founder of the Les Inventions, a period ensemble which explores uncharted 18th century repertoire, such as the works of Joseph Touchemoulin and Thomas Linley. Les Inventions work in close partnership with acclaimed British vocal ensemble VOCES8. Patrick Ayrton is also known for his pre-concert talks and is a regular lecturer. From 2004 to 2016, he was artistic director of the Bach en Combrailles Festival in France. In the season 2016-17, he conducted the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra in a cycle of 6 concerts featuring Baroque, Classical and Neo-Classical repertoire.


An absolute must for every lover of harpsichord sound.
Luister, 08-11-2019

The full sound and sonorous bass of the German harpsichord are very surprising.
De Volkskrant, 09-5-2019

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