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Release date: 11 October 2019
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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73487
Release date
11 October 2019

"... continuously intriguing music that unfolds unexpectedly."

Jazzism, 24-4-2020

About the album

Genzo Okabe: "In the ‘Okabe Family’ project, including this album, I have been creating music by relying only on my own sensibilities for about 10 years, without being caught up in what is authentic or what is progress. Whether it's real jazz or not, it's not a problem at all from my personal point of view. Create something voluntarily and throw it into a global platform. Then, if someone somewhere in the world reacts in any way, a new movement will come out. I hope that localization will bring artists to make new communities in the sense of musical interest rather than national or geographic framework, and a variety of music as many dialects enrich our entire society."
Genzo Okabe: „Im Okabe Family-Projekt, das dieses Album einschließt, habe ich Musik geschrieben, für die ich mich seit zehn Jahren auf mein eigenes Zartgefühl verlassen habe, ohne an Fragen nach Authentizität und Fortschritt hängenzubleiben. Ob es echter Jazz ist oder nicht ist meiner Ansicht nach überhaupt kein Problem. Schaffe etwas willentlich und zeige es auf einer globalen Plattform. Wenn irgendjemand irgendwo auf der Welt darauf reagiert, dann entsteht daraus eine neue Bewegung. Ich hoffe, dass die Verortung Künstler dazu anregt, neue Gemeinschaft im Sinne musikalischer Interessen zu schaffen anstelle eines nationalen oder geographischen Rahmens, und eine musikalische Vielfalt wie die Dialekte, die unsere ganze Gesellschaft bereichern.“


Born in Tokyo, Genzo moved to Italy at the age of twenty, where he studied classical saxophone at the Conservatorio di Musica di Perugia and jazz saxophone at the Conservatorio di Musica “Santa Cecilia” di Roma. Moving to the Netherlands, he founded the Okabe Family in 2009. In his first album as a leader, Okabe Family (OAP Records, 2013), he demonstrated his insights in composition and arrangements as well as his creativity.
His polished skill of performance was presented both in the Netherlands and through the Band’s first Japan tour.
In 2014 Genzo accomplished his master’s degree in Jazz Saxophone at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague.



... continuously intriguing music that unfolds unexpectedly.
Jazzism, 24-4-2020

His sax playing is fluent and inventive and winds its way through the interplay.
JazzMo', 28-2-2020

Each dialect song is a kind of etude with a specific musical motif, such as polyrhythm, arpeggio and harmony, leaving space in which every musician can speak in their own language.
Jazzradar, 10-1-2020

The compositions, all written by Genzo, are again very ingeniously put together, just like on "Disoriented".
Rootstime, 14-11-2019

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