Enrico Pieranunzi | Jasper Somsen

Voyage in Time

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Label: Challenge Records
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Release date: 02 September 2022
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€ 19.95
Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73533
Release date
02 September 2022

"... From the grave "Pavane" to the solemn "Sarabande" to the "Finale", the virtuoso duo creates a jazzy version of the suite consisting of nine dances.    "

Stereo, 23-11-2022

About the album

Voyage in time (a suite in nine movements) is conceived in the likeness of the suites of dances typical of the Baroque era. Some titles (Minuet, Courante, Pavane) may surprise the listener who associates our names with Jazz music. It is certainly true that our three previous albums were all Jazz albums. However, this fourth encounter - our second album for Challenge Records, after Common View (2020) - is a completely different recording, both in terms of line-up and material. The movements, composed by Jasper and arranged together during our recording session, reflect our shared love of classical music and combine classical forms with a very open improvisational approach. The result is a sort of journey back and forth between the musical languages of our time and of times past. A very special Voyage In Time, in fact, in which you are all invited to take part.

Voyage in time (eine Suite in neun Sätzen) ist in Anlehnung an die für die Barockzeit typischen Tanzsuiten konzipiert. Einige Titel (Menuett, Courante, Pavane) mögen den Hörer überraschen, der unsere Namen mit Jazzmusik assoziiert. Es ist sicher richtig, dass unsere drei vorherigen Alben alle Jazz-Alben waren. Diese vierte Begegnung - unser zweites Album für Challenge Records nach Common View (2020) - ist jedoch eine völlig andere Aufnahme, sowohl was die Besetzung als auch das Material betrifft. Die von Jasper komponierten und während unserer Aufnahmesession gemeinsam arrangierten Sätze spiegeln unsere gemeinsame Liebe zur klassischen Musik wider und verbinden klassische Formen mit einem sehr offenen improvisatorischen Ansatz. Das Ergebnis ist eine Art Reise hin und her zwischen den musikalischen Sprachen unserer Zeit und der Vergangenheit.
Eine ganz besondere Zeitreise also, an der Sie alle teilnehmen können.
Jasper Somsen & Enrico Pieranunzi


Dutch double bassist, composer and producer Jasper Somsen (1973) graduated in both Jazz and Classical double bass. He collaborated amongst many others with Peter Erskine, Enrico Pieranunzi, Joey Calderazzo, Jeff Ballard, John Beasley, Jean-Michel Pilc, Eric Marienthal, Bob Sheppard, Seamus Blake, Lynne Arriale, Jorge Rossy, Kendrick Scott, Justin Faulkner, E.J. Strickland, André Ceccarelli, Gary Husband and Gabriele Mirabassi.

Besides a performer, Jasper Somsen is a renowned studio producer. As a double bassist, composer and/or (co-)producer he was responsible for the highly acclaimed albums by a.o. Enrico Pieranunzi, Bob Sheppard, Lynne Arriale and Jean-Michel Pilc for Challenge Records International.



... From the grave "Pavane" to the solemn "Sarabande" to the "Finale", the virtuoso duo creates a jazzy version of the suite consisting of nine dances.    
Stereo, 23-11-2022

... The Italian pianist accompanied numerous jazz giants and recorded almost a hundred albums under his own name. But how much the suite "Voyage In Time" of his duo partner, bassist Jasper Somsen, inspires him, you can feel in every note of the delightful performance...
Fono Forum, 10-11-2022

... Conceptually bold, it is executed with great musicality, a perfect marriage of classical forms and open improvisation...
Jazzwise, 01-11-2022

... Far away from any routine, Pieranunzi and Somsen search for unplayed places, for new territory on this side - and they find these rare as well as precious oases of inspiration again and again. This is dissolute melancholy at its peak.  
Kultkomplott, 23-9-2022

... Somsen has written a nine-part suite in which the two bring their musical storytelling to sparkle along the formal lines of baroque dances... Everything else is illustrious art of playing, is a fine feeling for the breath of the counterpart...
Jazzthing, 23-8-2022

... But Enrico Pieranunzi - Jasper Somsen ultimately act much more tenderly and much less oriented to jazz. Especially songs like "Sicilienne" prove that. And when then Jasper Somsen delicately strokes his bass, then it becomes chamber music cozy, with the "Finale".
musikansich, 15-10-2022

... "Voyage In Time" is a nine-part suite in which through-composed counterpoint and improvisation alternate with each other and thus cross the bridge between jazz and classical music again and again...
Concerto, Austria, 01-10-2022

... the two combine the classical forms of composition with their freely designed improvisational approach. Thus the titles glide practically seamlessly from 'old' dance rhythm to on-the-fly, spontaneous interpretation and back.
NaDann, 21-9-2022

... The result is soulful sounds and music with a lot of room for development. It also shows how naturally different musical worlds can be playfully combined with each other.
nrwjazznet, 13-9-2022

The result is a sort of round trip between the musical language of today and that of the past. We allow ourselves to be taken with pleasure on this journey of a beautiful sweetness, a great romanticism, a pleasant inventiveness between baroque references and the treatments of a soft and fluid jazz. We embarked with enthusiasm. We are waiting for you.
MAD, 07-9-2022

... The music is a testament to the maturity, experience, refined taste and precise performance of these two great instrumentalists.
Jazzfun, 02-9-2022

The Italian pianist Enrico Pieranunzi has been moving confidently between jazz and classical music for decades. For his new album "Voyage In Time" (Challenge/Bertus), Dutch bassist Jasper Somsen has composed a nine-part suite for him that is based on the dance suites typical of the Baroque period...
Jazzthing, 23-8-2022

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