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Schumann, Robert/Widmann, Jorg/Haydn, Joseph /Henja Semmler/Rouven Schirmer/Jonathan Aner

Oberon Trio

Passacaglia: Haydn - Schumann - Widmann

  • Type CD
  • Label CAvi
  • UPC 4260085533015
  • Catalog number AVI 8553301
  • Release date 13 March 2014
Physical (CD)

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About the album

“Passacaglia” is the musical, gestural and intellectual thread that the Oberon Trio has chosen to weave all through its CD début, a wide-ranging programme with repertoire from Haydn, to Schumann, to Widmann. 

Introducing a premiere recording of Jorg Widmann:

“Passacaglia, understood as stepping forward”: that is how composer Jörg Widmann describes his piece in the foreword. He also calls it “my most peaceful work. A series of dance steps that also include stopping in one’s tracks, not being able to proceed, groping in the dark, stumbling, and at other times obeying the compulsion to move further”.

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