Eno Supo

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Release date: 18 April 2014
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Challenge Records
Catalogue number
CR 73393
Release date
18 April 2014

About the album

Four high profile improvisers out of the Dutch jazz scene teamed up and formed Estafest.
Anton Goudsmit and Oene van Geel played in duo and so did Mete Erker and Jeroen van Vliet. The idea to combine these duos was thrilling for all of them and created a whole new world of possibilities.

Four unique musicians, each a match for the other, create cutting edge music where new directions can be taken any moment. They all contribute brilliant short pieces which are shaped on stage, creating an atmosphere where both the audience and the players are swept along by the power of the moment.

Jeroen van Vliet about this new project: "Estafest live!, our first recording was a lively prelude to this new album, recorded among the peace and tranquility of the beautiful Fattoria Musica studio. From our concerts we knew that Estafest has many facets, that in addition to groove and adventure was also poetry and beautiful sounds.

It was a big party exploring all kinds of new things and setting these pieces to disc with the 4 of us and engineer Chris Weeda, and we are really happy with the results."

The musical result is exciting, magnificent, hilarious and breathtaking.

The press about their previous album 'Live':
According to the jury of the VPRO Boy Edgar Award, Oene van Geel distinguishes "with a superior swing, an enormous ability to improvise, a thorough knowledge of the history of jazz and a permanent curiosity to different genres, whereby he sets an example in the crossover world on an atypical manner.
- NRC Handelsblad

Cunning, exuberance and rhythmic games are Van Geels trademark.
- Volkskrant

An artisanal adventure where musicians and listeners do not get a chance to take things for granted
- Jazzenzo
Vier bezige en drukbezette musici uit de Nederlandse jazzwereld lijken helemaal tot rust te komen in de gelegenheidsgroep Estafest. Saxofonist Mete Erker (Artvark Saxophone Quartet), violist Oene van Geel (Zapp-String Quartet), gitarist Anton Goudsmit (New Cool Collective, Ploctones) en pianist Jeroen van Vliet (Eric Vloeimans' Gatecrash) brachten in 2011 al een veelgeprezen live-album uit, Eno Supo is het eerste studioalbum van het kwartet. Hun impressionistische en Europese kamerjazz doet soms bijna klassiek aan, door de viool maar ook omdat men als ensemble speelt en niemand zich daarbij nadrukkelijk op de voorgrond dringt. De lichte en melancholieke toon van de muziek, zonder ritmesectie, wordt soms dankbaar doorbroken, zoals met de donkere suspense van Tc 2 of de hoekige avantgarde van “E”. Sfeer staat voorop op dit album van een club vakmuzikanten die elkaar hoorbaar inspireren en zich daarnaast in geen enkel hokje laten plaatsen. (MR)
Vier hochkarätige Musiker der Niederländischen Impro-Jazz-Szene haben sich zu Estafest zusammengeschlossen.
Anton Goudsmit und Oene van Geel sowie Mete Erker und Jeroen vamn Vliet haben bereits jeweils im Duo zusammengearbeitet. Die Kombination der beiden Duos zu einem musikalischen Projekt war für alle Musiker aufregend und es entstand eine ganze Welt an neuen Möglichkeiten.

Vier einzigartige Musiker, die perfekt zu einander passen, kreiren cutting edge music, die jederzeit eine neue Rictung einschagen kann. Alle bringen brilliante Songs mit ein, die auf der Bühne geformt werden und die eine Atmosphäre kreiren, die von der Kraft des Augenblicks geprägt ist.

Jeroen van Vliet über das neue Projekt: "Estafest live!, unser erstes Album war ein live-Prelude zu diesem Album, aufgenommen in der friedvollen und ruhigen Atmosphäre des wundervollen Fattoria Music Studios. Von unseren Konzerten wussten wir bereits, dass Estafest viele Facetten hat, sowie Groove, Abenteuer, Poetik und wunderschöne Sounds. Es war wie eine grosse Party, alles zu entdecken und zusammen mit dem Toningenieuren Chris Weeda auf CD zu bringen. Wir sind sehr glücklich mit dem Ergebnis."

Das musikalische Ergebnis ist aufregend, überwältigend, ausgelassen und atemberaubend!

Zu Estafest:
"According to the jury of the VPRO Boy Edgar Award, Oene van Geel distinguishes "with a superior swing, an enormous ability to improvise, a thorough knowledge of the history of jazz and a permanent curiosity to different genres, whereby he sets an example in the crossover world on an atypical manner."
- NRC Handelsblad

"Cunning, exuberance and rhythmic games are Van Geels trademark."
- Volkskrant

"An artisanal adventure where musicians and listeners do not get a chance to take things for granted"
- Jazzenzo


Four high profile improvisers of the Dutch jazz and improv scene have teamed up and formed ESTAFEST. In this unusual line up, these musicians combine their distinctive instrumental skills and sound, wrapped up in brilliant short pieces, which are shaped on stage. They actually create an atmosphere in which both the audience and the musicians go with the flow of the moment. The result is cutting edge music, exciting, hilarious and breathtaking. Anyone who has seen the group was surprised, moved, nurtured and inspired. Since the individual members of Estafest toured the world with different groups, they can't wait to bring their favorite band to an ninternational audience. In the Spring of 2014 the group will release their sophomore album 'Eno Supo' (Challenge Records), the follow up of ESTAFEST Live! (Challenge Records, 2011).

Is considered one of Holland's most distinctive saxophonists. Besides his work with an impressive list of greats, among others the David Liebman Group and senegalese master drummer Doudou N'Diaye Rose, he is currently playing inThe Bridge: Martin Fondse Orchestra with Brazilian superstar Lenine, and is the driving force behind the saxophone quartet Artvark, the Mete Erker Trio, and not in the least ESTAFEST.
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Is known as a composer and for his work with the contemporary string quartet ZAPP4 and for his own projects, such as The Nordanians and OOOO. In 2011 Oene was selected to join Take Five Europe, a masterclass and residency for the top 10 of Europe's emerging jazzscene. In 2013 Oene was awarded the prestigious VPRO Boy Edgar Prize, thé Dutch jazz award.
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Is known for his current group the Ploctones and played for years in the very popular New Cool Collective band. As a guest musician he performed with innumerable bands and artists. In 2010 he was awarded with the VPRO Boy Edgar Prizeand in that same year he received the Duiveltje Award, thé Dutch pop award for best guitarist.
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Has grown into an established pianist who is much in demand. Eric Vloeimans a/o has a problem when Jeroen is unavailable, since Jeroen is part of various Vloeimansprojects. Furthermore Jeroen is an outstanding composer. In 2008 North Sea Jazz selected him for the festival's composition project. Jeroen has played for over 20 years with ESTAFEST saxophonist Mete Erker.
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