Hans Teuber & Jeff Johnson


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Release date: 04 May 2018
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€ 19.95
Origin Records
Catalogue number
ORIGIN 82756
Release date
04 May 2018

About the album

Saxophonist Hans Teuber and bassist Jeff Johnson began their musical association in 1990 when their paths intersected in Seattle. Both had recently arrived and they soon discovered the chemistry between them was substantial and uncanny. Performing together on all five of Johnson's recordings on Origin Records and on hundreds of performances, recordings and concerts over the last 25 years, their musical collaboration is highly intuitive and empathetic. Both diligently mentored in their teens by veteran jazz musicians, while simultaneously playing in a wide variety of musical situations, they each bring a rich palette of influences to their performances. From free improvisations to jazz standards, it’s all touched upon here somewhere, in the moment, completely natural, conversational and without pretension.
Saxophonist Hans Teuber und Bassist Jeff Johnson begannen ihre musikalische Verbindung 1990, als sich ihre Wege in Seattle kreuzten. Beide waren vor kurzem angekommen und entdeckten bald, dass die Chemie zwischen ihnen substanziell und unheimlich war. Gemeinsam sind sie auf allen fünf Aufnahmen von Johnson auf Origin Records und auf hunderten von Auftritten, Aufnahmen und Konzerten der letzten 25 Jahre zu hören, ihre musikalische Zusammenarbeit ist äußerst intuitiv und einfühlsam. Beide wurden bereits in jungen Jahren von erfahrenen Jazzmusikern sorgfältig betreut und spielen gleichzeitig in den verschiedensten musikalischen Kontexten, wobei jeder von ihnen eine reiche Palette von Einflüssen in ihre Auftritte einbringt. Von freien Improvisationen bis hin zu Jazz-Standards wird hier alles angeschnitten, ganz natürlich, gesprächig und ohne Anspruch.


Hans Teuber has been a mainstay on the Northwest jazz scene for over 25 years, working with Wayne Horvitz, Jeff Johnson, Clay Giberson, and others who lean toward progressive jazz. On his first album as a soloist, Teuber relied on his compositions as the framework for his work on alto and tenor saxophone, flute, and clarinet. His orchestrations are engaging pieces of work without becoming raucous or loud. They naturally tend to frame his considerable fluency and facility with the horns, especially the alto which he seems to favor, such as on "More Illusions" where his alto lays down the playing line while members of the rhythm section dart around like bees buzzing around a nest. In contrast, still on alto, "C Minor Waltz uses more abstract figures. "B.C." opens with Teuber's feathery flute giving impressions of a sylvan setting before seguing in somewhat of a controlled, creative free for all with one instrument playing against another. "Bom Pra Caramba" is the result of modern creative jazz ideas applied to a Latin beat. The tenor comes into play on "Old Fellow," giving the music a dreamy aura as Santi Debriano shows imagination on a lengthy bass solo. While the music on this CD is quite pretty, one wishes there were a bit more diversity. After a while, a certain sameness creeps in, which is always a risk when the musical agenda is prepared by the same person. One or two classics or jazz standards would have elevated this CD to a more interesting level. — Dave Nathan

Born In Minneapolis, Jeff Johnson ("Free" to some of his colleagues) left at age 20, spending time in Philadelphia and New York, and has worked with a veritable who's who of great jazz musicians such as Philly Joe Jones, Charlie Rouse, Barney Kessel, Chet Baker, Lew Tabackin, Eddie Daniels, Mark Murphy, Joanne Brackeen, Julian Priester, Jay Clayton, Marlena Shaw, Billy Hart, Annie Ross, George Cables, Bud Shank, Claudio Roditti, Ernestine Anderson, and Michael Wolfe, to name just a few. 

Jeff met Jessica Williams in Seattle in 1991 and Hal Galper at the Port Townsend Festival in 1993, great pianists with whom he has had ongoing musical relationships. He is one of the most on-call working musicians in the competitive Seattle musical arena, and his contribution to jazz is substantial and continuing. 

He now leads various small ensembles, composes, goes on the road frequently, and is involved in numerous projects and recording dates around the world.



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