Přemysl Vojta & Fabrice Millischer

Michael & Joseph Haydn, Horn Concertos

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Release date: 02 November 2018
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€ 19.95
Catalogue number
AVI 8553146
Release date
02 November 2018

About the album

Horn Concertos by Michael & Joseph Haydn
It is difficult to ascertain how many horn concertos Joseph Haydn and his younger brother Michael actually wrote. Certain works are lost; others are erroneously ascribed, or their authenticity is at least doubtful. One of the concertos has even been ascribed by different musicologists to Joseph and to Michael Haydn, but it may have been written by another person entirely. The two brothers wrote most of their concertos for the widest variety of solo instruments, but usually in the same type of situation: i.e. once they had assumed important posts at the head of renowned court orchestras. Joseph Haydn became Kapellmeister for the Ezterházy princes in 1761, and Michael became concertmaster of the Salzburg archdiocese court orchestra in 1763.
The court musicians in both orchestras were virtuosos in their own right, and one of the tasks of a Kapellmeister consisted in composing new works that permitted them to display their outstanding abilities in the presence of their sovereigns.
(Excerpt from the liner notes by Dr. Arnim Raab, Haydn-Institut)



Pˇremysl Vojta won First Prize and a series of Special Prizes at the renowned International ARD Music
Competition in 2010 in Munich. In 2011, after his successful debut at the Beethoven Festival Bonn,
he received the prestigious Beethoven Ring Award. In the meantime, he has become one of the
leading musicians of his generation. His performing career has taken him all around the globe: to
Tokyo, Saint Petersburg, Barcelona, Vienna, Sydney, Beijing, London, and São Paulo.
Vojta was Principal Hornist of the Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, and now holds the same post in the WDR
Symphony Orchestra in Cologne. From 2010 to 2015 he fulfilled teaching assignments at the Berlin
University of the Arts, and taught horn from 2015 to 2017 at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne.
Vojta began his training under the mentorship of Olga Voldánová at the music school in Brno (Czech
Republic). He went on to study horn at Prague Conservatory with Bedˇrich Tylšar (from 1998 to 2004)
and at the Berlin University of the Arts with Christian-Friedrich Dallmann (from 2004 to 2010). As a
soloist he has performed with the Bavarian RSO Munich, Stuttgart RSO, WDR Symphony Orchestra,
Berlin Konzerthaus Orchestra, the Salzburg Camerata, the Academy of St Martin in the Fields, the
Vienna and Munich Chamber Orchestras, and the Prague Philharmonia Orchestra.
Pˇremysl is intensely devoted to chamber music. He makes appearances with outstanding partners
such as the Armida Quartet, Tobias Koch, Nicholas Daniel, the Stradivari Quartet, the Pražák Quartet,
Jörg Widmann, Ye Wu, Tomáš Jamník, Fabrice Millischer, Sung Kwon You, Fredrik Ekdahl, and Michael
Massong. In 2016 he founded the Dispar Trio, features an unusual combination of instruments –
horn, tuba, and piano – specializing in new music by South American composers.
Pˇremysl Vojta has recorded the Brahms Horn Trio for the Supraphon label. In 2013 he made his solo
début on the same label with the album French Horn in Prague, featuring Czech modernist works. In
2018, on the CAvi-music label, he released a CD of duets with pianist Tobias Koch: Metamorphosis.
Vojta plays the Horn Concertos on a Model 103 gold brass horn by the Alexander firm on this CD.


Upon winning first prize in the ARD International Music Competition, Fabrice Millischer is recognised
as one of the most gifted contemporary trombone players in Europe. The 28-year old is to date the
first and only winner of this challenging competition in the category of trombone. He was awarded
with many other high caliber notations and participated on many masterclasses.
Millischer started his musical education at the Conservatoire of Toulouse. Exposed to music since
childhood, his love for music started with the piano, turned to the cello and ultimately to the trombone.
He studied both instruments at the Conservatory of Toulouse and obtained highest marks on his
graduation exams. He entered the CNSMD of Lyon where he took master classes on the trombone
with Michel Becquet and Alain Manfrin and on the sackbut with Daniel Lassalle. At the same time,
he continued his education on the cello at the CNSMD of Paris, taught by Philippe Muller, Roland
Pidoux and Xavier Philips.
In 2006 Millischer formed the quartet called Quartbone with Aurélien Honoré, Jean-Philippe Navrez
and Fabien Dornic.
A soloist in frequent demand, he has been invited by orchestras in Vienna, Stuttgart, St. Petersburg,
Toulouse, Washington, Beijing, Tokio, Seoul, Munich, Geneva, Paris among others. Since 2008 Fabrice
Millischer has been solo trombonist with the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Saarbrücken/
Kaiserslautern. Many contemporary musical pieces have been composed and dedicated to him.
Despite his young age, Fabrice Millischer is a highly sought Professor for Trombone. In 2008 he
taught at the Conservatoire Paul Dukas in Paris; 2009 he became Professor for Trombone at the
Hochschule für Music Saar (Saarland College of Music). In 2013 he was appointed Professor of
Trombone at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg (Freiburg Conservatory of Music). Fabrice Millischer
is presently working with Antoine Courtois Paris and plays the Legend 420 NSBHST.

Bassoonist Martin Petrák is the founder and artistic director of the Haydn Ensemble Prague which has
a wide range of experience in historical and modern music. Petrák started his music career when he
was 9 years old. Subsequently he continued his studies under leading of Prof. J. Rˇ ezácˇ (The Czech
Nonet) at the Prague Conservatory. During his studies he participated in 1999 in music courses of
Szandor Végh under the guidance of the bassoonist Sergio Azzolini and oboist Maurice Bourgue.
He continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class Prof. F.Herman
(Ars Rediviva, Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) and Prof. J.Seidl (Collegium Musicum Pragenses,
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra). He wrote his thesis of the Academy of Music about development,
production and early Baroque repertoire for bassoon.
After graduating in 2005, he became the member of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2006
together with vocalist Mark Šulc (Schola Gregoriana Pragenses) he founded an instrumental-vocal project
focusing on baroque music Musika Antiq/Aria (MA/A), which culminated in performing Bach’s cantata
Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen BWV 56 for bass solo, choir and orchestra. The ensemble recorded
several projects dedicated to the music of Vivaldi, G.F. Handel, W. A. Mozart, F.I.A. T°uma and others…
In 2008 he founded the instrumental ensemble VENTI DIVERSI ensemble, which capitalized on his
experiences from previous collaborations with artists from the MA/A and with whom he released his debut
CD with works by G. Ph.Telemann La Putain in the autumn of 2008 which won the award Best CD of
2008 by The Prague Post. Over the years the ensemble has been introduced at many prestigious
Czech and international festivals (Lipa Musica/CZ, St. Wenceslas Music Festival/CZ, Ars Antiqua Europae
in Via Gothic/SK etc.). Programs contained works by J.S. Bach (Brandenburg Concertos), J.D. Zelenka
(Trio Sonatas), Vivaldi (Symphonies), G.F. Handel (Water music). In 2015 the latest recording of the VENTI
DIVERSI ensemble was a double album Liturgical Year.
Since 2011 he is an assistant professor of University in Ostrava – Faculty of Arts.


Founded in 2016 by bassoonist Martin Petrák, the Haydn Ensemble Prag has developed into an ensemble
specializing in music of baroque and classical music. Extraordinary chamber and orchestral
repertoire combined with performances on modern instruments, the study informed performance
and natural musicality. The Czech Haydn Ensemble Prague draws on a wealth of experience from a
first-class historical, modern ensembles and great orchestras.
The Haydn Ensemble Prag performs on modern instruments – but under certain conditions. But
above all, the Haydn Ensemble Prague is a closely-knit group of musicians. A chamber ensemble
in which contrasts lead to an intensely pleasurable experience. An ensemble that bridges the gap
between players and audience with its fresh musical individuality.
Conductor Martin Petrák
Violin 1 Libor Vilímec – Concert Master
Markéta Dominikusová
Anna Poulová
Violin 2 Milena Koláˇrová
Kateˇrina Kratochvílová
Markéta Valášková
Viola Ondˇrej Martinovský
Karolína Strašilová
Cello Jan Keller
Vilém Petras
Double Bass Jan Vokoun
Oboe Jaroslava Tajanovská
Denisa Bílá (†)
Horn Michal Emanovský
Daniela Roubíˇcková
Bassoon Martina Bálková
Harpsichord Filip Dvoˇrák


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