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Jazz in Motion
Catalogue number
JIM 74725
Release date
14 January 2022

"... Listen, wait, let the pauses really be perceived as pauses. A small masterpiece."

Pianonews, 01-5-2022

About the album

Atzko & Tony’s latest album, "Crescent" was recorded on February 14, 2021 at Beauforthuis, a music venue and a former church, in Austerlitz in the Netherlands. In the midst of a prolonged pandemic, it was an exceptional recording where two musicians entrusted their passion to their instruments. Atzko & Tony immediately bonded through a deep desire to realize the recording and put their best into the project. The duo was deeply inspired by Coltrane’s Crescent.

The beautiful acoustic of the church building, combined with the beauty of the surrounding snowfields, resulted in an impressive recording. Only five months after the recording, the album "Crescent" was released by Studio Songs in Japan, and it is scheduled to be released worldwide in January 2022 by Jazz in Motion records.

It is said that people have long considered the gradually waxing moon to be a symbol of the fulfilment of their wishes, and that praying to the crescent moon was a special occasion. The crescent moon, which reflects the sunlight and waxes day by day, is like a piece waiting to be fully formed. You do not just entrust your dreams but you set your sights and your hopes, looking forward to the future and preparing to take action. It is no wonder that Coltrane's Crescent connected with their hope to realize this recording session.


Das neueste Album von Atzko & Tony, "Crescent", wurde am 14. Februar 2021 im Beauforthuis, einem Musiklokal und einer ehemaligen Kirche, in Austerlitz in den Niederlanden aufgenommen. Inmitten einer lang anhaltenden Pandemie war es eine außergewöhnliche Aufnahme, bei der zwei Musiker ihre Leidenschaft ihren Instrumenten anvertraut haben. Atzko und Tony verband sofort der tiefe Wunsch, die Aufnahme zu realisieren und ihr Bestes in das Projekt zu stecken. Das Duo war zutiefst inspiriert von Coltranes Crescent.

Die wunderschöne Akustik des Kirchengebäudes, kombiniert mit der Schönheit der umliegenden Schneefelder, führte zu einer beeindruckenden Aufnahme. Nur fünf Monate nach den Aufnahmen wurde das Album "Crescent" von Studio Songs in Japan veröffentlicht, und es soll im Januar 2022 weltweit von Jazz in Motion Records herausgebracht werden.

Es heißt, dass die Menschen seit langem den allmählich zunehmenden Mond als Symbol für die Erfüllung ihrer Wünsche betrachten und dass das Beten zur Mondsichel ein besonderer Anlass war. Die Mondsichel, die das Sonnenlicht reflektiert und von Tag zu Tag zunimmt, ist wie ein Stück, das darauf wartet, vollständig geformt zu werden. Man vertraut ihm nicht nur seine Träume an, sondern setzt sich Ziele und Hoffnungen, blickt in die Zukunft und bereitet sich darauf vor, aktiv zu werden. Es ist kein Wunder, dass Coltranes Crescent sich mit der Hoffnung verband, diese Aufnahmesession zu realisieren.


Despite the differences in their nationalities, cultures and backgrounds, Atzko Kohashi (Amsterdam-based, originally from Japan) and Tony Overwater (from the Netherlands) found common ground rooted in jazz improvisation, in a cosmopolitan city - Amsterdam.Listen to the unique sounds and melodies arising from their respective cultural, geographical, and musical backgrounds.

The duo portrays the spiritual world of John Coltrane, playing his compositions from the album "Crescent." They play with their own interpretation, but with deep understanding and respect for Coltrane’s original music.

Atzko & Tony duo is more than just a fusion of two instruments. Their combined sounds are almost like beautiful mosaic made up of small pieces of different colors and shapes. They make use of individual personality and roots while respecting each other’s differences: different sensibility, different sense of rhythm, and different taste of phrasing.

"We want to deliver the purest and the most honest sound to audience." The duo puts great value on the sound of their instruments. Experience the pure and organic sound as if you are part of their band.


... Listen, wait, let the pauses really be perceived as pauses. A small masterpiece.
Pianonews, 01-5-2022

A great jazz duo has come together here with Japanese pianist Atzko Kohashi and Dutch bassist Tony Overwater...
Inmusic, 05-4-2022

... Rather, the impression is that the performers succeed in drawing new aspects out of the compositions without obscuring their origins.      
Glarean, 29-3-2022

... From Coltrane, in addition to the title track Crescent, where the double bassist captivates with his string playing, there are three more brilliantly gripping masterpieces - the album opener Wise On, then Lonnie's Lament and Mr.Syms...
sk.jazz, 17-3-2022

The emotional density with which the duo of Dutch bassist Tony Overwater and Japanese pianist Atzko Kohashi deal with John Coltrane compositions reveals how they have internalized the spirituality of his music...
Fono Forum, 09-3-2022

... A very fine, relaxed jazz album without sounding sappy or “healing,” yet in a sense this music as more healing power in it than many a “breathe deeply” CD being pushed nowadays.
Artmusiclounge, 07-2-2022

... It is an album that flows quietly and yet intense, full of emotions, without frills. Both immersed in involving atmospheres, a dialogue that goes beyond the notes played. A great album, which can be listened to repeatedly.  
Music Zoom, 05-2-2022

... Their "Crescent" was recorded in the breathtaking acoustics of a church, and the two make perfect use of this opportunity, communicating with each other in sound in a restrained and considerate way. ..
Na Dann, 04-2-2022

... The interplay between the two musicians can be called successful. A must if you are not averse to improvisations.
Smooth Jazz, 03-2-2022

... A perfect reflection of the general atmosphere of this very beautiful and soothing disk.
Europe Jazz Media Charts 02 2022, 01-2-2022

... Here is an album with a marked inspiration where Atzko Kohashi and Tony Overwater show a great sensitivity and a perfect communion of spirit...
jazz halo, 21-1-2022

... However, the two perfectly capture the thoughtful spirit of the recording....  
Jazzthing, 23-3-2022

Crescent is a beautiful, intimate album by two great musicians.
Jazzenzo, 18-2-2022

A beautifully original and central piece in the album is signed by the double bassist, "De Boot", a perfect reflection of the general atmosphere of this very beautiful and soothing galette.
Jazzmania, 01-2-2022

perfectly reproduced, deep, melancholy and written for this duo, it couldn't be more atmospheric.....very successful....The beautiful sound of the music on this album has of course first of all to do with the two musicians, but the location also plays a role, because it was recorded in the Beaufort House in Austerlitz, a former church with special acoustics.
Rootstime, 25-1-2022

... the beautiful acoustics let you dive deep into the purist sound world of piano and bass...
Jazzthing, 25-1-2022

... The Amsterdam-based Japanese pianist and the Dutch bassist have managed to absorb the spirit of Coltrane's record and implement it in their own individual way...
Musikansich, 22-1-2022

Although this is a subdued album, you can feel the emotion in every sentence. And therein lies its value above all. Great solo parts by the two musicians round out the work.  
Jazz-Fun, 15-1-2022

Crescent is a beautiful, intimate album by two great musicians.
Jazzenzo, 14-1-2022

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