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AVI 8553214
Release date
18 February 2022

About the album

IN SERACH OF…… (Music of Memories)

Third Production of the Piano Duo Ensari & Schuch

Herbert Schuch and Gülru Ensari look back on musical memories of their childhood(s).

Although they each spent their childhood in thoroughly different circumstances, Herbert Schuch and Gülru Ensari feel somehow connected through memories of their first musical moments. Herbert grew up until the age of nine in the Romanian countryside near the Hungarian border, during the bleak last years of communism.

Born in Istanbul, Gülru grew up as a city dweller. “We both had a record player at home”, she remarks, to show what they had in common. Now, as a married couple and piano duo, they have found time and leisure during the pandemic to look back on the past. Overjoyed by the birth of their daughter, they shared memories of certain moments from their own childhood that seem to stand still in time.

For this album, “In search of...”, they looked for music they associate with those moments. In so doing, they were also searching for their own identity.
Herbert belongs to the minority of the Banat Swabians: “Although there was no direct Hungarian lineage in my family, the language and culture of Hungary played a significant role in our lives. Conversely, although we were in Romania, we practically had no points of contact with Romanian culture”, he remembers. “The pieces we played at home back then would have seemed out of place on this album; in my parents’ home, we exclusively played the Hungarian operetta tunes that were en vogue. My uncle sang, and he was accompanied at the piano by my father, who had brought back LPs from the GDR.”
On the other hand, in Istanbul, Gülru was strongly influenced by Western culture. At home, she only heard Classical music: Brahms, Dvořák, Tchaikovsky – the composers now featured on this CD. “I grew up with VHS videotapes. I watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia countless times, with the original music from Tchaikovsky’s ballets”, she remembers. In search for similar memories from childhood, Tchaikovsky was the first common denominator the couple found that they shared. “We both remember having listened to the Nutcracker Suite when we were children”, Herbert remarks.

IN SERACH OF...... (Musik der Erinnerungen)
Dritte Produktion des Klavierduos Ensari & Schuch
Herbert Schuch und Gülru Ensari blicken auf musikalische Erinnerungen an ihre Kindheit(en) zurück.

Obwohl sie ihre Kindheit in ganz unterschiedlichen Kontexten verbrachten, fühlen sich Herbert Schuch und Gülru Ensari durch die Erinnerungen an ihre ersten musikalischen Momente irgendwie verbunden. Herbert wuchs bis zu seinem neunten Lebensjahr auf dem rumänischen Land nahe der ungarischen Grenze auf, in den düsteren letzten Jahren des Kommunismus.
Gülru wurde in Istanbul geboren und wuchs als Stadtbewohnerin auf. "Wir hatten beide einen Plattenspieler zu Hause", bemerkt sie, um zu zeigen, was sie gemeinsam hatten. Jetzt, als Ehepaar und Klavierduo, haben sie während der Pandemie Zeit und Muße gefunden, auf die Vergangenheit zurückzublicken. Überglücklich über die Geburt ihrer Tochter tauschten sie Erinnerungen an bestimmte Momente aus ihrer eigenen Kindheit aus, die in der Zeit stillzustehen scheinen.
Für dieses Album "In search of..." suchten sie nach Musik, die sie mit diesen Momenten verbinden. Dabei waren sie auch auf der Suche nach ihrer eigenen Identität.
Herbert gehört zu der Minderheit der Banater Schwaben: "Obwohl es in meiner Familie keine direkte ungarische Abstammung gab, spielten die Sprache und die Kultur Ungarns eine wichtige Rolle in unserem Leben. Umgekehrt hatten wir, obwohl wir in Rumänien waren, praktisch keine Berührungspunkte mit der rumänischen Kultur", erinnert er sich. "Die Stücke, die wir damals zu Hause spielten, wären auf diesem Album fehl am Platz gewesen; im Haus meiner Eltern spielten wir ausschließlich die ungarischen Operettenlieder, die gerade in Mode waren. Mein Onkel sang und wurde von meinem Vater, der LPs aus der DDR mitgebracht hatte, am Klavier begleitet."
In Istanbul hingegen wurde Gülru stark von der westlichen Kultur beeinflusst. Zu Hause hörte sie nur klassische Musik: Brahms, Dvořák, Tschaikowsky - die Komponisten, die jetzt auf dieser CD zu hören sind. "Ich bin mit VHS-Videokassetten aufgewachsen. Ich habe mir unzählige Male Disneys Dornröschen und Fantasia angesehen, mit der Originalmusik aus Tschaikowskys Balletten", erinnert sie sich. Auf der Suche nach ähnlichen Erinnerungen aus der Kindheit war Tschaikowsky der erste gemeinsame Nenner, den das Paar fand. "Wir erinnern uns beide daran, dass wir als Kinder die Nussknacker-Suite gehört haben", bemerkt Herbert.



The story of our piano duo began in a rather unusual way. As opposed to the great number of existing
duos of siblings or of couples who got to know one another during their studies, we started to form
a husband-and-wife team when we already had individual careers as solo artists to look back on,
and it was only after we started living together that we discovered the marvels of playing four-hand
piano together.

Approaching it like a game, without instruction from outside, we were astounded to
discover that there is an immense, rich repertoire for two pianists. Our baptism of fire took place at
our first public concert at the Antalya Festival in 2014, with Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du printemps and
our own selection of waltzes by Brahms and Hindemith.

Further appearances soon followed, along with our first CD recording: our intention was to approach
our two origins within a musical framework. Go East! is thus a concept album where we combined the
melodies and rhythms of an “East” that was conceived as broadly as possible. Recitals at the Bad
Kissingen Summer Festival, at the Berlin Konzerthaus, at BOZAR in Brussels, and at the Lockenhaus
Chamber Music Festival were some of the first highlights of our performing career as a duo, and we
had the pleasure of collaborating with such orchestras as the WDR Symphony Orchestra (Cologne),
the Folkwang Chamber Orchestra (Essen), and the Wiesbaden State Orchestra. Sharing the stage
with the WDR Radio Choir is also a thoroughly enriching experience.

Our second CD, Dialogues,
once again focused on the subject of origins, and on finding a living connection with our musical
past. Having lived by then for over ten years in Cologne, we placed an iconic work by a well-known
20th-century composer from that city in the center of our programme: Bernd Alois Zimmermann’s
Monologe. All the while, we continued to progress on our journey towards the east.

Combining thoroughly different works on our recordings is not the only goal for a German-Turkish
couple such as ours, with Iranian, Arabian, and Romanian roots: it also opens the door for what we conceive
as fulfilled music-making together. When we are not giving concerts, we spend our free time with
our newborn daughter Kayra in Cologne, in the foothills of the Alps in Upper Bavaria, and in Istanbul.


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Slawischer Tanz / Slavonic Dance, Op. 72,: No. 1 in B Major . Molto Vivace
Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1: No. 2 in D Minor . Allegro non assai
Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1: No. 11 in D Minor . Poco Andante
Slawischer Tanz / Slavonic Dance, Op. 72: No. 2 in E Minor . Allegretto grazioso
Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1: No. 4 in F Minor . Poco sostenuto
Slawischer Tanz / Slavonic Dance, Op. 72: No. 5 in B flat Minor . Poco Adagio
Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1: No. 6 in D sharp Major . Vivace
Ungarischer Tanz / Hungarian Dance, WoO 1: No. 1 in G Minor . Allegro molto
Slawischer Tanz / Slavonic Dance, Op. 72: No. 7 in C Major . Presto
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): I. Ouverture. Allegro giusto
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): II.Dances charactéristiques: Marche Tempo di marcia vivo
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): Danse de la Fée Dragée (Tanz der Zuckerfee) Andante non troppo
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): Dance Russe Trepak (Russischer Tanz) Tempo di Trepak, molto vivace
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): Danse Arabe (Arabischer Tanz) Allegretto
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): Danse Chinoise (Chinesischer Tanz) Allegro moderato
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): Danse de Mirlitons (Tanz der Rohrflöten)
The Nutcracker Suite, Op. 71a (1892): III.Valse des Fleurs (Blumenwalzer) Tempo di Valse
Sarmal, for Piano 4 hands (2020)
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