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Talkin´ about Barbara

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Label: Perfect Noise
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Release date: 22 April 2022
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Perfect Noise
Catalogue number
PN 2202
Release date
22 April 2022

About the album

Venice 1600 – The age that witnessed the birth of opera as we know it today also saw the emergence of a liberal, secular musical culture. The polyphonic rigor of earlier times gave way to expressive solo voices and breathtakingly virtuoso instrumental music. Composers were able to have a career outside the restrictions of the church. Young musicians, painters and Bohemians took the salons of the rich elites by storm. Barbara Strozzi, composer as well as acclaimed singer, became one of the leading voices of her generation. A true child of Venice, the lagoon city became a supportive home for her art. Her works reflect the adventurous spirit of a musical world moving towards a new era. In their musical journey, mezzo-soprano Laila Salome Fischer and jazz saxophonist Magnus Mehl revive the Venice 1600 Zeitgeist of awakening and discovery. Backed by the exciting baroque ensemble Il Giratempo, Magnus Mehl translates the ancient tunes and rhythms into his very own musical language.
Venedig auf der Schwelle ins 17. Jahrhundert – Die Entstehungszeit der Oper ist gleichzeitig die Geburtsstunde einer liberalen, säkulären Musikszene. Expressiver Sologesang und atemberaubend virtuose Instrumentalmusik ersetzen die polyphone Strenge früherer Zeiten. Komponistenkarrieren sind nicht mehr an Kirchenämter geknüpft. Junge Komponisten, Maler und Bohemiens erobern die Salons der kunstbeflissenen Eliten. Eine Frau gehört zu den führenden Köpfen der neuen Musikergeneration: Die Komponistin und Sängerin Barbara Strozzi ist ein Kind der Lagunenstadt und findet dort optimale Bedingungen für ihre Kunst. Ihre Kompositionen zeugen von der Abenteuerlust einer Musikwelt, die sich auf dem Weg in eine neue Ära fühlt. Der Jazz – Saxophonist Magnus Mehl spürt im Dialog mit der Mezzosopranistin Laila Salome Fischer dieser Atmosphäre von Aufbruch und Entdeckergeist nach. Getragen von den besonderen Klangfarben von Laute, Gambe und Cembalo greift Magnus Mehl die historischen Melodien und Rhythmen auf und übersetzt sie in seine ganz eigene Klangsprache.


Mezzo-soprano Laila Salome Fischer débuted at the Beethovenfest in Bonn and theBerlioz Festival in France in 2021 with performances of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony conducted by Jordi Savall. Further performances brought her to the Philharmonie de Paris and the Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona. As of December 2021, she can be heard in concerts of Mozart’s Requiem, also conducted by Jordi Savall, in the Alte Oper in Frankfurt as well asin Lyon, Paris, and Barcelona, with CD productions planned for both projects. From 2019 to 2022 she was a soloist at the Staatsoperette Dresden, where she sang theroles of Hänsel, Fragoletto (Les Brigands) and Josepha Vogelhuber, among others. As of2022/2023, she will be a soloist at the Theater Lübeck, singing roles such as Cherubino, Suzuki, Orlofsky and Nancy (Albert Herring).

Il Giratempo, “The Time Turner”, do not plan to carry you back through the centuries. Theyoung ensemble have set themselves a different task: Using the treasure discovered on their musical expeditions into the past, they fully intend to stir up the here and now.The lutenist Vanessa Heinisch founded Il Giratempo in 2017 in order to be able to realizeher dreams with her favorite players. The ensemble combines historical performance prac-tice with innovative programme ideas and concepts:In “17th Century Jazz” projects, mezzo-soprano Laila Salome Fischer and jazz saxo-phonist Magnus Mehl merge their musical worlds into a time-travelling sound spectacle,accompanied and inspired by a baroque basso continuo group.“Il Giratempo Strings”, on the other hand, explores the baroque orchestral repertoire - and here too, musically and programmatically, bridge the gap to modern times. Musiciansfrom renowned european baroque ensembles and orchestras come together to make their“dream projects with favorite colleagues” come true.



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