Capella Augustina & Andreas Spering

Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuz & Sheba

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Release date: 18 November 2022
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€ 19.95
Catalogue number
AVI 8553518
Release date
18 November 2022

About the album

HAYDN and……….

“This recording is the result of a project launched a few years ago by the Brühl Castle Concerts series (Brühler Schlosskonzerte) and Capella Augustina within the framework of the Haydn Festival, which they organize. We commission works that are related in a certain manner with the oeuvre of Joseph Haydn and are explicitly conceived for an orchestra playing on period instruments.

In 2018, we commissioned a piece from Spanish composer José Maria Sánchez-Verdú, one of whose works I had the privilege of premiering a while back: a mesmerizing, fantastically well-orchestrated work. Born in Andalusia, Sánchez-Verdú chose to enact a new musical encounter with Haydn’s work Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze (“The Seven Last Words of Our Savior on the Cross”). Indeed, as is well known, Haydn wrote Die sieben letzten Worte for a passion liturgy held on Good Friday in the Spanish port town of Cádiz.

Sánchez-Verdú has written Sheba (the Hebrew word for “seven”) as a series of interludes to be inserted between the movements of Haydn’s original work. Each of Haydn’s seven “sonatas” is followed by a 2-to-3-minute movement that serves as a commentary, an exegesis, a prolongation, or an antithesis to what has been previously heard. Sánchez-Verdú’s seventh and final movement leads without pause into the “earthquake” music that closes Die sieben letzten Worte.

Sánchez-Verdú occasionally takes an isolated chord or timbre from Die sieben letzten Worte as a point of departure; in other cases, he has found inspiration in one of Haydn’s musical impulses or gestures. In the process of composing Sheba, the period instruments served as a challenge and as a stimulus. .“ (Excerpt from the booklet notes by Andreas Spering)
HAYDN und……….

„Die vorliegende Aufnahme ist Frucht und Folge eines Projektes, das die Brühler Schlosskonzerte und
die Capella Augustina seit einigen Jahren im Rahmen ihres Haydn Festivals initiiert haben.
Wir vergeben Kompositionsaufträge, die sich, in welcher Form auch immer, mit dem Werk Joseph
Haydns auseinandersetzen und explizit für ein Orchester mit historischen Instrumenten geschrieben

2018 ging der Auftrag an den spanischen Komponisten José Maria Sánchez-Verdú, von dem
ich einige Zeit zuvor schon ein hochinteressantes, fantastisch instrumentiertes Werk uraufführen durfte.
Sanchez-Verdu, der selbst aus Andalusien stammt, entschied sich für eine kompositorische
Auseinandersetzung mit dem Werk Die Sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Keuze.

Haydn schrieb das Stück bekanntlich für eine spezielle Passionsliturgie des Karfreitags in Cadiz.
Sánchez-Verdú schrieb Sheba (das ist das hebräische Wort für „sieben“) als Interludien zu Haydns
Werk. Jeder der 7 Sonaten folgt ein etwa 2-3 minütiger Satz, der als Kommentar, Exegese, Fortsetzung
oder auch Antithese der Haydnschen Stücke wirkt. Der abschließende siebte Satz leitet unmittelbar in
das finale Erdbeben über.

Manchmal ist es ein einzelner Klang, dann wieder ein Bewegungsimpuls oder nur ein Gestus im Werk
Haydns, der für ihn Inspiration und Ausgangspunkt ist.

Ihm war dabei das historische Instrumentarium Ansporn und Auftrag.“
(Auszug aus dem Booklettext von Andreas Spering)



Traverso Michael Schmidt-Casdorff · Gudrun Knop
Oboe Susanne Regel · Benjamin Völkel
Fagott / Bassoon Rebecca Mertens · Inga Klaucke · Cordula Caso
Horn Christian Binde · Jörg Schultess · Uli Hübner · Karen Hübner
Trompete / Trumpet Sebastian Schärr · Norbert Vohn
Pauke / Timpani Christoph Nünchert
Violin I Monica Waisman · Salma Sadek · Anna-Maria Smerd
Lorena Padrón Ortiz · Danylo Gertsev · Elisabeth Moog
Violin II Gudrun Engelhardt · Jesús Merino Ruiz · Ha-Na Lee
Christoph Timpe · Malina Mantcheva
Viola Antje Sabinski · Gabrielle Kancachian · Johannes Platz · Sara Hubrich
Cello Markus Möllenbeck · Inka Döring · Hannah Freienstein
Violone Ioannis Babaloukas · Jörg Lühring

Ever since it was founded by Andreas Spering in 1996, the Capella Augustina has been one of the
most renowned German orchestras in the area of historical performance practice. Moreover, it is
the only ensemble of its kind to perform early music as well as contemporary music (commissioned

In recent years, in its function as Orchestra in Residence of the Brühl Palace Concerts (Brühler
Schlosskonzerte), the Capella Augustina has rehearsed and performed nine of Joseph Haydn’s
operas, all his oratorios, and almost 70 of his symphonies.
The quality resulting from this ensemble’s
ongoing endeavor has attracted increasing attention well beyond the Rhine region, as can be
noted in a number of rave reviews of the orchestra’s concerts and opera productions. A great number
of CDs, including award-winning releases, also testify to the ensemble’s widely acknowledged
first-rate quality.

Andreas Spering Conductor

is one of the leading European specialists in the area of early music. His artistic
outlook was decisively influenced by Gerd Zacher in Essen and by his years as harpsichordist for the
renowned ensemble Musica Antiqua Köln.

From 1999 to 2007, Spering served as musical director of the Handel Festival in Karlsruhe. As artistic
director of the Brühl Palace Concerts (Brühler Schlosskonzerte), he established what is now the
only Haydn festival in the world. Spering is invited to conduct orchestras all over Europe, focusing
his attention on works by Haydn along with all other composers of Vienna Classicism and Early

A number of outstanding opera houses and festivals also invite him to conduct works
by Handel and Mozart. Spering’s discography comprises a multitude of recordings, some of which
have received prestigious awards, including his version of Haydn’s Creation, widely acknowledged
as a benchmark in its field.


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